December 6, 2023

O’Ryan Reveals Why His Relationship With Jhené Aiko Didn’t Work Out: Video


Looking at Big Sean and Jhené Aiko, it’s easy to assume they’ve been together forever. Not only are they musically and stylishly in sync, but they also make a great romantic pair too. Before they settled down with each other, the rapper spent time with Ariana Grande and the late Naya Rivera, among others. Aiko, for her part, was romantically involved with Omarion’s brother, O’Ryan.

The two got together at a very young age before either of their careers had truly taken off. It was in their early 20s when the R&B starlet realized she was pregnant. Now, she and her ex co-parent their 14-year-old daughter, Namiko Love Browner.

Jhene Aiko (R) and Namiko Love Browner attend VH1’s 3rd Annual “Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms” at The Theatre at Ace Hotel on May 3, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/WireImage)

Things between O’Ryan and Aiko obviously didn’t work out, and for years, fans have wondered why. Recently, the OnlyFans creator sat down on the Jst Us Podcast to spill some tea, explaining why he and the California native went their separate ways after having a baby.

“We were very young,” he began. “We were in a relationship, like 18, 19. Very young love, and when she got pregnant, for me, I had to make a decision.” The 35-year-old went on to say that his own father wasn’t present in his life. He also lacked strong male role models to lead the way for him.

“I was afraid of messing up,” O’Ryan admitted. “I can’t be a good baby father and a good man. Haven’t seen it, for me, in my life, personally.” He essentially told Aiko his desire to be “the best father” for their little one, and a friend to her, but he didn’t want to act like he could be with her and fully commit to a relationship.

The guest told hosts that the “I Know” songstress stayed with him throughout her whole pregnancy, but he encouraged her to still have her own life and do as she pleased.

“For me, I wanted to focus on what kind of father I was going to be… One thing at a time,” he said of his apparent inability to multitask. “She was 20, I was 21 when Namiko was born. She was working really hard at her career, I was trying to figure things out for myself as well… I was really just supportive.”

Aiko may not have had the opportunity to build a conventional family unit with O’Ryan. However, she and Big Sean appear to be doing just fine following the birth of their first child together last year.

See the heartwarming TikToks the couple has been making with baby Noah here, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.


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