March 22, 2023

LeBron James Goes Viral With Hilarious Jayson Tatum Foul Theatrics

LeBron James and the Lakers have faced their fair share of problems this season. Of course, they struggled in the early going and have been trying to get back into a winning rhythm. Overall, this has been hard to do, and it was even harder on Saturday night as the Lakers lost to the Celtics.

However, the Lakers should have won on last-second free throws. Unfortunately for LeBron, the referees missed a very obvious call on Jayson Tatum. Subsequently, James responded with some hilarious theatrics in which he dropped to his knees. Subsequently, the Lakers went on to lose in overtime.

LeBron Speaks

Following the game, the NBA had no choice but to come out and comment on what happened. In the end, the league admitted to the fact that this was, indeed, a foul. Regardless, the Lakers still lost and there was nothing that could be done to actually overturn that fact. Consequently, James and his teammates were still incredibly upset with the result.

Following this game, James too to Twitter. The first time was on Sunday morning when he wrote “That one hurt bit time, I don’t understand.” Additionally, James commented on it again in the afternoon, saying “I don’t understand. I truly don’t.”

From there, LeBron clearly was not finished. He even took to his Instagram story where he continued to give his commentary on the matter. For instance, he posted a photo of the block on his Instagram story and even tagged Jayson Tatum. Subsequently, Tatum responded by saying “last night was a blur… good game champ.”

Needless to say, it was not a great night for Lakers players or the fans as a whole. They could not believe how badly they got hosed and for good reason. Overall, it was just a terrible night for the officials.

Let us know what you thought of the blown call, in the comments down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news from around the sports world.


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