February 24, 2024

Yung Miami & Missy Elliott Look Incredibly Alike, According To Fans


When talking about someone looking like a celebrity, it’s usually an everyday person who happens to resemble X, Y, Z famous person. However, even within the celebrity world, similarities between rappers, in this case, can blow people’s minds. Moreover, many online believe that Yung Miami and Missy Elliott look just like each other. While everyone praised the two regardless, it caused some significant discussion online. For example, many believe that Diddy’s flame should be honored to be compared to Missy. Still, they’re such great artists and personalities that their similarities go beyond looks.

Still, debate raged on in the comments section of some fans’ posts. “Wow never noticed they resemble each other,” one user commented. On the flip side, many made sure to not disrespect either rapper when disagreeing. “Ummm y’all blind real bad I dont see that both beautiful women thou and missy looks amazing,” another commented. “Did y’all stretch before that jog??” one user asked hilariously. “Beautiful woman.. but no.” Still, some people took more of a middle-ground stance on the question. “Resemble…yes. Twins is a stretch,” a fan chimed in. On the other hand, some people were vehemently against the idea. “They literally don’t look shit alike!” a commenter exclaimed. Moreover, another added, “Y’all just woke up this morning and just lied… unprovoked too.”

Regardless of their physical similarities or lack thereof, both have much to celebrate. Furthermore, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame recently nominated Missy Elliott to join its ranks in 2023. Also, nominations included A Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against The Machine, Kate Bush, and many more. However, this isn’t the first time these two rappers made a headline together. During an episode of her podcast Caresha Please, the City Girl asked fellow Floridian rapper Trina if she dated Missy Elliott.

Moreover, rumors spread that the two were together at some point. However, Trina didn’t answer her question, so it returned to the rumor mill for now. Still, do you think that Yung Miami and Missy Elliott look alike? Whatever the case, let us know in the comments and come back to HNHH for the latest hip-hop social media debates.

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