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If you are an avid music listener and want to know facts about your favorite artist, you may have encountered some interviews hosted by Nardwaur. John Ruskin, better known as Nardwaur, is a 54-year-old interviewer from Vancouver, Canada. Best known for his thoughtful, gift-giving, shocking interviews and spontaneous energy Nardwuar knows how to interview. He always leaves the artist or entertainer questioning how he sometimes knows deep secrets and facts about their life that they have forgotten about.

Better known for his interviews with musicians/artists, Nardwuar has also worked with comedians and entertainers. In the span of his career, Nardwaur has completed over 1500 interviews on and off camera since he started in 1987 with his weekly radio show first. 

Nardwuar’s Interviews

Some notable/famous interviews he has conducted have been with Tyler the Creator, Lil Uzi Vert, Odd Future, Cardi B, Eric Andre, Seth Rogan, and plenty more. All counting up for the millions of views Nardwuar earns on his channel every time he uploads. 

As Nardwaur continues to impress everyone with his tremendous knowledge, which tends to be questioned a lot, we take a look at some of the best interviews he has conducted over the many years. So, in no specific order, let’s begin with…

Tyler the Creator/Odd Future

The special connection they possess is like no other, as they have been seen together since 2011. The very first time was in 2011 when Nardwuar interviewed Odd Future, a group funded by Tyler. The energy that bounced between Nardwuar and the group was chaotic, as laughter and acting up were the majority of the interview.

Addionitally with the three solo interviews with Tyler, the constant flirting and acting up from Tyler always creates a special bond between the two. Shocked by the information Nardwuar presents in the interviews, Tyler even asked Nardwuar, “are you with the feds.”

Favorite Moment: Tyler calling Nardwuar a sexy dog and kissing him on the head during an introduction. 

Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert’s intimidation during his interaction with Nardwuar is priceless. Throughout their interviews, Uzi tends to keep a concerned face when Nardwuar brings up something from the past and even states, “You know too much. I can’t do this.” Uzi’s spontaneous energy and Nardwuar’s awkwardness always spark memorable moments. For example, Uzi screeches after being gifted a Rob Zombie poster, leading him to dart out of the interview into a van to leave quickly. 

Favorite Moment: Uzi dipping out of the studio and Uzi sampling an interview between the two on “Futsal Shuffle 2020.”


An infrequent occurrence that Nardwuar has Pharell Williams to thank is the opportunity to interview East Coast legend Jay-Z. In 2009, Nardwuar made the six-hour trip to Pemberton Music Festival to shoot this fantastic opportunity. Just the sheer dedication that Nardwuar took in order to achieve a five-minute interview with Jay-Z deserved a spot on the list. Jay-Z was very collected and shared some gems with Nardwuar on the cover of Jaz-O’s Word to the Jaz.

Favorite Moment: Jay-Z explaining who he is.

Pharrell Williams

In 2008, Nardwuar met up with Pharrell Willimas and his N.E.R.D bandmates to achieve one of his best interviews. Even Nardwuar himself cited that this was one of his favorite interviews. The shell shock of this interview came from Pharrell’s reactions and stunned face as Nardwuar pulled up the facts and props to show why he was the best. However, one of the most memorable moments from that interview was the gift to Pharrell. A copy of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and Wreckx-n-Effect’s “Rump Shaker,” which was the very first song that Pharrell was credited for. From that moment on, Pharrell knew Nardwuar was not playing as he quoted this in the interview, “This is one of the most impressive interviews I’ve ever experienced in my life.”

Favorite Moment: Nardwuar gifting Pharrell the LP soundtrack to “Rump Shaker.”

A$AP Rocky/Mob

In 2012 Narwuar managed to get the famous A$AP Mob ( a group founded by A$AP Yams) together at a warehouse in Austin, Texas. Met with stunned faces, shocking reactions, and a boatload of energy, this is one of the Mob’s most definitive interviews. Nardwuar bringing up the Black Ink Gallery and A$AP Ferg about making jewelry definitely caught the Mob off guard. It’s the nature of Nardwuar bringing up unknown information to the group and the laughter and energy they brought to make this a staple in Nardwuar’s catalog. This interview even started a TikTok meme of Nardwuar introducing A$Ap Rocky. 

Favorite Moment: Nardwuar introducing A$AP Rocky.


When we think of Nardwuar’s interviews, we often think about how thrilling and fun they can be, but that wasn’t the case for Nas. This is one of the few interviews that started off well and quickly turned around toward the end. Nas, the collected man he is, was not prepared for Nardwuar’s intensive knowledge, and at first, Nas is shocked. However, Nas’s demeanor soon changed after Nardwuar brought up Jay- Z’s diss track “Ether” and when he couldn’t keep all the gifts.

Toward the end of the interview, Nas wanted to cut the interview short and even declared Nardwuar ” a F**cking psychopath.” Furthermore, When Nardwuar went to end it with his usual catchphrase, “Keep on rocking in the free world,” Nas messed up the ending. Nardwuar went for a second attempt which angered Nas, and told him, “it’s over, it’s over; move the mic.”

Favorite Moment: Nas calling Nardwuar different names.

More From Nardwuar

Additionally, there are plenty more of memorable and entertaining moments and interviews from Nardwuar, but these stuck out like a sore thumb. In fact, Nardwuar always brings attention to himself, as he knows a little too much than the average person. A lasting impression is bound to happen.

Nardwuar is always conducting interviews with up-and-coming artists to artists that are gaining popularity. Check out Nardwuar’s YouTube channel, “NardwuarServiette,” for ongoing interviews. Share some of your favorite Nardwaur moments and interviews, and remember, “Doot doola doot doo doot doot.” 

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