April 21, 2024

Andrew Tate Potentially Incriminated Himself In Jail Call


New reports online suggest that Andrew Tate potentially incriminated himself in a jail phone call during his human trafficking case. Moreover, the main source for these reports is a video from account Lawyers For Workers. In said clip, the lawyer alleges that a source close to Tate revealed that the controversial influencer might’ve messed up on the record. For those of you unaware, Romanian authorities arrested Tate and his brother in late December of last year on charges of assault and human trafficking.

While these reports are unofficial at the moment, he spoke often of his malicious and illegal activities, so it’s not exactly a surprise. Still, the lawyer explained the alleged situation in a video posted by No Jumper to Instagram. “We got a credible report of Andrew Tate doing some really dumb things,” the lawyer began. “So, he’s in Romanian prison, lock-up, detention, waiting for his trial. Like in the United States, they let you make calls. Like in the United States, they monitor your calls… anything you say can and will be used against you.

Andrew Tate Might’ve Incriminated Himself While In Jail

“The reports are that this guy did two outrageously out of bounds things on jail calls,” he continued. “So often, jail calls is what gets people screwed. They end up admitting stuff that gets them charged with the crime or they start committing whole new crimes. In this guy’s case, first, there’s only a list of people that he’s allowed to call. The reports are that he called people on the approved list, but then they patched in other third parties.

“That could be its own crime, certainly not going to help his attempts to get out on bond,” the lawyer went on. “Big trouble, if you ask me. Number two- this is actually the real problem. They’re saying he’s on jail calls discussing with another individual bribing two Romanian public officials.” However this case ends up developing, Tate continues to be outspoken and boastful online. Recently, he addressed rumors that he was battling lung cancer in a bizarre tweet. Regardless of your take, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Andrew Tate.

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