April 25, 2024

Kevin Gates & Daughter Islah Practice Karate On IG


Kevin Gates just shared a wholesome clip of his daughter Islah teaching him karate on Instagram. While the Baton Rouge, Louisiana native is consistently busy with new music drops, he still took some time to learn. In fact, it seems like the learning experience that he gets with his daughter showing him the ropes of martial arts is exactly what he values the most about his relationships. Along with the short clip, Gates also penned a sweet message about learning from his children. Islah also seemed pretty excited to show her dad her moves… and defend him whenever necessary.

“On this Day #Islah was teaching her dad slash biggest student in the world Karate,” the “2 Phones” rapper wrote. “My children have been and are my greatest accomplishments and Teachers – Moments like this are priceless to me – Im beyond grateful I Love you All have a beautiful day full of Love and gratitude #Khaza #ImHim #Trying2Forgive.” Not only does Gates often show that love to his kids, but also the rest of his family. Most recently, his video and single “Breakfast” saw him rekindling a romance with his wife Dreka.

Kevin Gates’ Daughter Shows Him Karate

In other news, the 37-year-old recently gave his own take on the whole Melle Mel and Eminem debate. If you didn’t catch that, Mel said that Em is only considered a top five MC because he’s white, and had some other hot takes about Billboard‘s best rappers list. While speaking to TMZ, Gates said that such comments didn’t really change his perspective on Marshall Mathers’ greatness.

He in my top 5,” he expressed to the publication, disregarding the Furious Five member’s disparaging remarks. “He the truth. Who can make a song like ’Stan’? Listen, I don’t get in all of that. It’s only two types of people. It’s real people, and it’s fake people. Real people do real things, and fake people do fake things.” While he didn’t outwardly disrespect Mel for his take, it seems like he took a stance to defend the tangible success that Eminem’s had. Regardless, come back to HNHH for the latest news, updates, and occasionally wholesome content from Kevin Gates.

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