April 21, 2024

Lil Durk Warns Any Man In India Royale’s Comments: “Ima Break Them Jaws”


Lil Durk is trying to win his India Royale back. The couple became inseparable over the years as Royale became Durk’s muse in his music. Though the two looked perfectly happy on social media and the public eye at large, it seems as though things weren’t necessarily going well behind the scenes. The couple called it quits in 2022 following allegations that Durk was cheating on her. While she seems happy about being single, Durk has made numerous attempts publicly to try and get back in her good graces.

Back in February, Durk pleaded with India Royale to take him back in an Instagram tribute soundtracked by Future and Ye’s “I Won.” The Chicago rapper wished her a happy Valentine’s day and praised her for all that she’s done for him. “Happy Valentine’s day to the wonderful woman that made me a man I love you @indiaroyale,” he wrote on Instagram, along with a photo of her. However, she didn’t reciprocate those feelings.

Lil Durk Makes His Love For India Royale Known

India Royale swiftly rejected Durk’s Valentine’s day homage. On Twitter, she commented that “People really do not respect boundaries at all.” She added, “I try my best to be respectful and not put on a show but people don’t respect my choices.” She told him to “Let it go,” which seemingly triggered Durk. “I post ‘cause I wanted to[.] The internet don’t run durk,” he wrote. “Try the troll with another mfr leave certain people alone.” Regardless, he’s still making it clear that he wants India Royale back.

This week, he returned to Instagram where he, once again, professed his love for his ex. The rapper shared a video from Instagram page @upnextdailyslaps” that showed one man punching another man in the face, who then backs down from fighting any further. “Catch y’all in her comments ima break them jaws,” he captioned on his Instagram post. Not everyone found it funny as people believed that Durk has been incredibly unsuccessful in his attempts. Should he move on? Check his post above and sound off with your thoughts in the comments. 

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