April 25, 2024

Lil Durk’s Alleged Baby Mama Rants On Instagram


Lil Durk’s alleged baby mama just went on an Instagram rant of big proportions. Moreover, Travonna said that Durk continues to not be present in their alleged son Romeo’s life despite his success. Also, she included direct messages with apparently one of the Chicago rapper’s relatives, who reached out to check in on her nephew. “My name is Kiera, and your son is my nephew,” the text read. “I didn’t know anything about this until recently. I would love to see my nephew. I’m still his aunti regardless of what’s going on n love unconditionally. I hope u see this message and contact back.

“Hey! Reaching out again,” she continued in another message almost three months later. “I’m his aunti Kiera I’m Tay big sister. I’d love to get to know my nephew. I hope this message reaches you. Again, I am reaching out, I love all my nieces and nephews!” After this message, Travonna posted it on her IG story and went on a rampage. “How many facts y’all want don’t worry I’m going live!” she wrote. “Family on board but you absent tf I had a baby by Durk not nobody else. But you tell everybody check in then ghost my son, I’m fed tf up.

Lil Durk’s Alleged Baby Mama’s Instagram Rant

“Stop f***in sayin get a lawyer go to court,” the alleged BM continued. “It’s not the f***in easy state to state I’m sending a direct message to who I had a baby with!” Also, she included a picture of her son Romeo with what seems to be an old picture of Durkio. “You talking about having another son when you haven’t done S**T for OUR SON yet like you promised!” she continued her rant.

“So since you love being internet let’s be internet then cause I’ve been respectful to you and your family long enough! The attention you looking for you getting it today I’m sick and tired of your bozo clown a** antics!” Then, she tagged him in the post. Given Durk’s rocky relationships right now, it can’t be easy to navigate these waters at once. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest updates on Lil Durk and his alleged baby mama.

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