April 25, 2024

Kanye West Is Working On New Documentary Only Using iPhone Footage, Claims Wallo267


Kanye West has kept to himself over the past few months, for the most part. Following a tumultuous end to 2022, Ye seemingly decided to take a break from the media circuit and social media which undoubtedly got him into hot water. However, during his recent public outings, he had his phone in his hand. Though that’s rather common for most people living in the 21st-century world, Ye has bigger plans, according to Wallo267.

The Million Dollaz Worth Of Game co-host recently detailed a meeting he had with Kanye West. Wallo explained that he met a producer whose job was to solely film Ye with an iPhone. The footage apparently is being used for a new documentary on the Yeezy founder. “I was with Ye months ago. This mothaf*cka had a white bull, right? Me and this bull talkin’. This white bull got an iPhone that’s all day… He documenting everything. This gon’ be the documentary, the iPhone,” he said holding up his iPhone. 

Kanye West’s Documentary Teaches Wallo A Valuable Lesson

Wallo explained that the individual he spoke to has “hard drives of hard drives” of content surrounding Ye. “When I’m talkin’ to Ye, Ye’s like, ‘Do you mind if I record this?’ Nah, he could record,” he recalled. “He like this all day, he don’t say nothing,” Wallo said, mimicking the videographer’s actions as he held up his phone. Though Wallo didn’t get the scoop on when this documentary might drop, he explained that it was impressive to see this type of dedication. Ultimately, Wallo said that witnessing the documentary being filmed became a valuable lesson to “document everything.” 

It will certainly be interesting to see how this documentary turns out. Last year, Netflix debuted the three-part Jeen-Yuhs documentary, directed by Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah, who began documentary Kanye’s career before he signed with Roc-A-Fella. However, Ye took issue with the final product, demanding Netflix and the directors to give him access to the editing room so he could have the final say in what is and isn’t included. Ultimately, Coodie and Chike refused to give Ye creative control of their project. 

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