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New Edition’s Most Successful Songs


New Edition is an R&B group that has emerged in the 80’s and never let go since then. With the original lineup consisting of Michael Bivins, Ricky Bell, Bobby Brown, and Ralph Tresvant, New Edition has a laundry list of songs that make up many classics in the R&B music genre. New Edition has released many hits throughout the years, gathering fans and winning those into the funky nature of Edition’s iconic hooks. They’ve not only inspired masses of music lovers, but have even inspired change throughout the world through their music.

New Edition is a playful, iconic lead for the entire R&B genre, solidly presenting itself as an icon for the music type. There are more than a few reasons to listen to New Edition. Which, s why we’re listing a few of their greatest hits and what you can expect from them. Below we’ve summarized a few of New Edition’s greatest editions of music. Also, we added why you should give them each a few minutes of your time.

Candy Girl

Candy Girl is one of the most popular hit songs hit by New Edition. It was released in 1983 as the lead single from their debut album of the same name. The song is known for its upbeat, playful melody and catchy lyrics. It is a beloved track in the R&B and pop genres. The song begins with a lighthearted synth riff before transitioning into a danceable beat. The lyrics describe the excitement and wonder of discovering a new crush. The protagonist describes the object of their affection as a “candy girl” who is sweet and irresistible. The chorus is especially memorable, with the group harmonizing to sing, “Candy girl, you are my world / You look so sweet, you’re a special treat.”

Cool It Now

Cool It Now is another hit by New Edition. It was released in 1984, gaining popularity thanks to its upbeat rhythm, great melody, and overall memorable lyrics. The song focuses on young love and was constructed by Ray Parker Jr. along with New Edition members Ricky Bell and Ronnie DeVoe.

In addition to its infectious melody and relatable lyrics, “Cool It Now” is also notable for its use of harmonies and vocal arrangements. The song showcases the vocal talents of all five New Edition members. Each take turns singing lead and harmonizing in the chorus. The group’s smooth and soulful vocal style is on full display in this song, adding to its timeless appeal.

Mr. Telephone Man

“Mr. Telephone Man” is a classic hit from New Edition. I was released in 1984 as the second single from their self-titled second album. It was written by Ray Parker Jr. The lead singer, Ralph Tresvant, expresses his desperation to talk to his girlfriend, singing as someone who’s pleading with Mr. Telephone man to bring his girl back to him. The song’s catchy melody and memorable hooks have made it a fan favorite for decades. It continues to be a go-to choice for anyone looking to dance and sing along.

Count Me Out

“Count Me Out” remains a beloved classic in the R&B genre. This is thanks to its infectious rhythm, memorable hooks, and relatable lyrics. The song’s message of self-respect and empowerment continues to resonate with listeners of all ages, making it a timeless favorite. 

The song’s opening line, “I don’t want to be a fool for you,” immediately sets the tone for the rest of the song. The chorus features the memorable refrain, “Count me out, girl, count me out / I’ve had all I can take, you see / So count me out, girl, count me out / It’s better that way for you and me.”

If It Isn’t Love

If It Isn’t Love is a titular song in New Edition’s rise to fame. Released in 1988, songwriters Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis created the soulful track. It describes the uncertainty and thrill of falling in love. One of the most memorable aspects of the song is its music video. It features the members of New Edition performing intricate choreography in a futuristic setting. The video was directed by legendary filmmaker Spike Lee and is considered to be one of his most iconic works. It features the band members dressed in black and white suits, performing synchronized dance moves in front of a screen that shows images of space and technology.

Hit Me Off

Hit Me Off was a unique blip in the timeline for New Edition, released in 1996 and taking an entirely new style under its wings. As opposed to the catchy titles that had led with hooks and singable lyrics, Hit Me Off took upon itself an entirely different style, characterized by a more aggressive tone and funky beat. Not only does it have a funky bassline, but Hit Me Off also features harsh, distorted guitar riffs, something simply not present in the tracks before. 

A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes)

A Little Bit Of Love (Is All It Takes) is a song release that helped recenter New Edition into the 90’s. While not perfectly within the 90’s, the 1986 release came as a breath of fresh air for New Edition’s tone. It scored top three on the US R&B chart. It goes back to the upbeat, catchy way most New Edition songs are, abandoning the aforementioned harshness. In exchange, it brings in more bright and positive lyrics it features about new love.

Popcorn Love

“Popcorn Love” is a popular song by the American R&B group New Edition, released in 1983. The song features a catchy, upbeat melody and playful lyrics. They describe the highs and lows of young love. The opening lines of the song set the tone for its joyful, carefree energy: “Popcorn love, you complete my mind / Tell me what to do, I’ll follow you.” The song’s playful lyrics continue throughout, with lines like “I’m so in love with you, girl, it feels like I’m on fire / And every time I see your face, it takes me higher and higher.”

Is This The End

Is This The End is a slower, more somber song released in 1984. Taking a stance as a more soulful, less energetic song, the energy from Is This The End stems from its creative lyrics rather than its tune or beat. The song reflects the strong emotions after a breakup. The song is slow and steady, with gentle guitar and piano accompaniments. This gives the song a melancholic kind of life. 

Lost in Love

Released in 1986, Lost in Love was a smooth romance song by New Edition. The lyrics of “Lost in Love” speak to the intense feelings that come with falling in love. The lyrics also touch on the vulnerability and fear that come with opening up to someone and putting your heart on the line.

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