April 25, 2024

FLO is a R&B girl group with songs that blew up in 2022. It seemed like throughout the second half of the year, people were talking about them every day on socials. And the things they were saying were positive. Their own socials were popular and active too, especially their TikTok. This gave fans looks behind the scenes of their lives and of course showcased them singing too. People praised how each member had distinct vocals. Many listeners were comparing their sound to R&B of the late 90s and early 2000s. Currently, they are preparing to drop their next single “Fly Girl” Even though they are still up-and-coming, they have already garnered millions of streams for their music. We have compiled, listed and ranked each of their songs with the most streams.

#10 Cardboard Box – Acoustic

This song is an acoustic version of FLO’s biggest song to date. For many listeners, the upbeat production of the original song is a big draw. But by having two versions, they can rach different people in different ways. The acoustic version is much slower. Still, it allows each group member’s voice to shine even more. The main melody from the song is still clearly heard on the guitar. But, there are no drums. Each member’s voice comes through clearly. The harmonies are even easier to hear on this one. Aspiring singers may prefer this version because it helps them do their own cover of the song. Or, those who prefer to focus on the talent of the voices of the group, instead of just dancing to them.

#9 Another Guy – Acoustic

This song is another acoustic one from FLO. For many singers, an acoustic version is where a song starts. In music terms, it can be called a demo or a reference track. In some cases, these versions are released and performed for the public. Sometimes, an acoustic version is the only one released. This is what FLO did with this song. It’s the last song on their debut EP, The Lead. This song departs from the upbeat production on the rest of the project but carries the same themes. The trio sings of how the man pursuing them is not unique and they don’t want to deal with him anymore. Once again because this is acoustic, their vocals and harmonies are on full display. The melody has a certain emotional feeling to it that sounds remorseful yet confident. 

#8 Losing You

This is one of the most recent songs from FLO. It is a single so listeners wonder if it will be on their next project. The pacing of this song is downtempo. This is fitting because of the song’s subject matter. In it, the trio sings of ending the relationship they are in with a man. But, they are happy to end it because they feel better without him. There are multiple background vocals that double as ad-libs on this song. This gives a feeling that each member’s inner thoughts are reinforcing what they’re saying. The vocal layering on this song’s bridge is an excellent example of the group’s chemistry. This is doubled down on in the final moments of the chorus where there is a brief glimpse of powerful vocals from Renée and Jorja. 

#7 Hide & Seek – FLO Remix

This is the only collaborative song from FLO in this list. Since Stormzy is from the United Kingdom like they are, this collaboration makes sense. This one is actually a remix of his song from his most recent project. On the original version, Stormzy does rap verses. The hook and other moments of the song are sung by Oxlade, Teni and Äyanna. In the FLO Remix, they truly make their presence known. They provide sung ad-libs during Stormzy’s rap verse. Instead of using his second verse, they sung their own verse. But, they harmonize the chorus with Oxlade. For them, making a remix truly means making the song your own. They didn’t seek out to make their version better but rather enhance the original and let both be celebrated.

#6 Not My Job

This song from FLO is a single and not on the Spotify version of their debut EP. The opening moments of this song are already a statement from the group. In it, the members harmonize to say their group name. While it may get repetitive for some, I can see them continuing to do this on future songs. This is one of the more upbeat songs on this list. The background vocals on this song also have a voice filter on them at times. This filter reminds many people of the one that was common in the early 2000s. The bridge of this song also has a brief moment of a rap-sung flow from Stella. This moment fits the slightly aggressive feeling of this song which comes through with the trio’s delivery and lyrics.

#5 Feature Me

This song from FLO features a shift in perspective. For many of the songs on this list, the trio talks about things a man has done wrong. However, this time, the members want to do something for the guy. Interestingly enough, the hook of this song is where the name of the group’s debut EP, The Lead, comes from. But, this is the only song that covers this subject matter on the project. Furthermore, the song itself still is well arranged as the other ones. Once again, the bridge is where the vocals shine due to the way their vocals are layered. This is also another one where a glimpse of an expansion of vocals can be heard in the song’s final moments. On this one, there are whistles notes from Jorja in the background that are brief but still effective. 

#4 Summertime

For many listeners, this song from FLO is the epitome of their image and message. It celebrates the joy of being a confident woman. In this track, the trio describe a situation that sounds like a vacation or just a summer day out. They talk about what they have on, what they’re doing and how they aren’t letting anyone stop them from enjoying themselves. Naturally, the production on this one fits this mood. There’s an acoustic guitar but the drums paired with it give it a completely different atmosphere than acoustic versions of their songs. The song would be fitting for a day outside and with summer on the way, this one is going to get even more plays. Renée closes the song by saying “That was fun” which is a very fitting response considering the tone of the song.

#3 Immature

This song from FLO deals with another relatable topic for their listeners. In it, the trio discusses the lack of accountability their partner has. In the song, the word “immature” has a stuttering glitch effect to it. This is yet another technique from the early 2000s listeners may be familiar with. In their other music, the group has used minimal effects and focused on the abilities of their natural voices. However, this effect does not take away from the focus on their natural voices. In the song’s bridge, the production is silenced completely and the trio sings a portion of the hook a cappella. This gives listeners another chance to hear the synchronicity of their harmonies. In a small showing of creative humor, there’s even a soundbite of a baby crying in one moment of the song. This reinforces the “immature” theme.

#2 Cardboard Box – Happi Remix

This song is a remix of FLO’s most popular song. In the pop music world, remixes are very common. Artists often have several remixes for a big single. These remixes are often released together and presented as an EP on streaming services. With multiple remixes, the song can be used in different situations. It also gives listeners a chance to hear how the artist voice blends with different kinds of production. In this case, Happi and MNEK are the producers who put their spin on the song. This version features an acoustic guitar which we have heard the trio paired with before. However, this time there are drums and shakers also. This gives the song a slightly more relaxed atmosphere but still makes it danceable.  

#1 Cardboard Box

This is the most popular song in FLO’s discography right now. For many people, this is the first song they heard by the trio. The music video has over 7 million views and people heavily praised it. Many people were impressed because this song was their debut single and everything about it was so well done in their eyes. At this point, the song has been out for almost a year and the group’s success has only continued to grow. People are proud to have found them because of the nostalgia their music brings. This song is often cited as the epitome of their sound and listeners are looking forward to seeing them continue to build on it. The lyrics about ending a relationship resonate with many people and listeners are getting nostalgia from the production and harmonies in the song.

Are you tapped in with FLO? Which songs from them are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section. 


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