April 24, 2024

Pat McAfee Could Be Looking To Improve Upon His $120 Million Deal With FanDuel


Pat McAfee is someone who is winning at life right now. Overall, the former Indianapolis Colts punter is one of the biggest names in the NFL media. Moreover, he is someone who works with the WWE as an on-air personality. McAfee is a hilarious guy and fans love him and what he brings to the media world. He is just a breath of fresh air, and there isn’t really much else you can say. McAfee is thriving and his status in the game grows by the day.

Just a couple of years ago, McAfee signed a massive contract with FanDuel. The sportsbook signed on for a $120 million contract over the course of four years. Consequently, FanFuel became the official sportsbook of his show. Furthermore, McAfee’s show was set to receive $30 million per year. Now, McAfee and FanDuel are in year two of that deal, and it could very well end sooner than anticipated. According to The New York post, McAfee could very well be looking for something better.

Pat McAfee Continues To Win

Former NFL player and host Pat McAfee speaks on radio row ahead of Super Bowl LVII at the Phoenix Convention Center on February 9, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

These reports come at an interesting time for the show. McAfee recently took the FanDuel logo off of his show. Meanwhile, he has stated that he is officially in “up to something” season. The Post believes there are numerous options at play here for McAfee. Ultimately, the most likely options are Amazon, or Google/YouTube. Both of these entities have deals with the NFL, which makes this a good fit for the former NFL star.

Additionally, this week has been hectic for McAfee. Much of this has to do with his show’s proximity to Aaron Rodgers. In fact, today, Rodgers went on McAfee’s show and revealed his intentions to play with the New York Jets. It was a massive scoop that showcases just how much pull McAfee has these days. Moving forward, we can’t wait to see what else he pulls off. Stay tuned to HNHH for more news from the sports world.


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