April 25, 2024

6ix9ine Associate & Chief Keef Shooter Kooda B Released From Prison


Kooda B was just released from prison, a rapper and former 6ix9ine associate who shot at Chief Keef some years ago. Moreover, it seems he served a portion of his 54-month sentence he received back in December of 2020. According to Complex, his sentence also included three years of supervised release and previously received temporary release on $300,000 earlier in the year due to concerns of COVID-19 given his asthma. Furthermore, he pleaded guilty in 2019 to assault with a deadly weapon in the name of racketeering for the 2018 shooting of Chief Keef outside of the W Hotel in Times Square.

Fortunately, Keef was not harmed in the incident. Afterwards, 6ix9ine allegedly ratted Kooda out as the shooter after he admitted to offering Kooda $20,000 for the hit and paying him half. Now, Worldstar obtained a video of him leaving a correctional facility and greeting loves ones. In addition, he also took to his Instagram to share the good news. Neither Sosa nor the “FEFE” rapper have responded to this development as of writing this article.

Kooda B Released From Prison

“I’m willing to take full responsibility for my actions,” the former prisoner wrote in a court-addressed letter. ”That was an extremely foolish choice I made. I allowed myself to look up to and listen to someone with more success and fame. That was not the right thing to do, I regret it and it won’t happen again. I thought he was a good friend. I was excited that he named a song after me.” If his 54-month sentence includes time served (like his former affiliate’s did), he still saw an early release, as that timeframe would indicate an August 2024 release.

Regardless, Judge Paul Engelmayer scolded the rapper for his actions. “So let me be blunt,” he told Kooda. “You need to grow up and get a more mature perspective on gang activity. If you continue to pursue a career involving rapping and public performances, I hope you will stop romanticizing gang violence. I hope you have learned from this experience that gang violence is not something to celebrate.” Moreover, he faced up to life in prison following his original February 2019 arrest, though the sentence clearly did not reach that mark. Regardless, come back to HNHH for the latest on Kooda B, Chief Keef, and 6ix9ine.


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