April 24, 2024

Logic’s Most Streamed Songs


Logic’s songs have done very big streaming numbers. He has almost 14 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Many people have differing opinions on his music. Still, he continues to achieve more and more success. Besides doing music, he has also written two books. Listeners of his music are used to his creative writing passion coming through in his music. Several of his albums have a narrative theme running through them. There are skits on the albums that weave the story together, The covers also have given listeners visual components to go with the story. Additionally, he also produces many of his own songs. This is a testament to his skill set expanding as he took his commitment to this to the next level. His discography has multiple types of songs in it for different audiences. In this list, we’ve ranked his top streaming songs.

10. Shimmy – Logic (feat. Joey Bada$$)

Logic listeners have been waiting for this song for years. This is a collaboration that has been a long time coming. The two of them did a freestyle while on tour together in 2017. Listeners had to go to YouTube if they wanted to hear the freestyle. This is their first official collab and it dropped in 2023. The freestyle was over a 90s-esque boom bap beat and fans expected an official song from them to sound similar. However, Logic and Joey decided to go the opposite route. In this song, the two of them rap over a spacey trap beat. For listeners, this was a pleasant surprise because they still enjoyed the song. Logic and Joey have confident yet chill flows on it. The song’s title, hook and verses pay homage to ODB from Wu-Tang Clan. 

#9. Lightsabers – Logic (feat. C Dot Castro)

This song from Logic has a very motivational feeling to it. There are horns all over the song’s hook that sound triumphant and the hook is very positive. This is a special song because it features a brief intro from Juicy J. Hearing a legend on a song with Logic is a testament to the level he’s reached as an artist. The song’s opening moments also have one of his older name tags he used on his mixtapes. After the triumphant opening moments, there’s a beat switch and a piano replaces the horns. The triumphant tone dials down and things change to a more tranquil atmosphere. Still, Logic tells of how things have changed from the past to now as we get a glimpse inside his mind. Feature C Dot Castro continues the reminiscent theme established by Logic.

#8. Wake Up – Logic (feat. Lucy Rose)

This song was the first single for Logic’s latest album College Park. This album is a concept album and it gave listeners a taste of what they could look forward to. In this track, Logic speaks about the things he has been through in his past. In another reference to his past, he uses an ad-lib that longtime listeners instantly will recognize. He also speaks on other situations that listeners with a background like his could relate to. This runs throughout the entire verse. He also speaks on how he overcame these things. He reflected the reminiscing concept in the song’s hook which reinforces how often he dealt with these things. At the song’s conclusion, Lucy Rose offers listeners an explanation of the album’s concept.

#7. Self Medication – Logic (feat. Seth MacFarlane, Redman and Statik Selektah)

This is one of Logic’s most surprising songs. The surprise comes from the amount of people on the song. It also comes from who these people are. Statik Selektah is known for his boom bap production and soulful samples. He’s also known for his scratching which is what he did on this song. Seth MacFarlane of course is know for his shows and voice acting. However, in this situation he uses his singing skills – which are sometimes showcased on his shows. He does a Frank Sinatra impression as he sings on this song and gives the song a very classy feeling. Lucy Rose follows him with vocalizations. Redman of course is a rap legend and it’s surprising and cool that he worked with Logic. Their rap verses have an old school hip-hop feeling to them that matches well with the atmosphere of the whole song.

#6. Perfect – Logic

This is the shortest Logic song on this list. It also is one of the most energetic ones. In this song, there is no hook. The song title comes from the sample in the song. The sample is from the Street Fighter video game series that exclaims “Perfect!”. This happens if a player wins round without getting hit. Logic jumps from flow to flow on this one with high energy as the drums skitter around his words. There’s a distinct bell like noise in the song that carries its melody. For many people, the energy in the song made it a quick addition to their gym playlist. Logic also released a remix to this song that features Lil Wayne and A$AP Ferg.

#5. Ballin – Logic

This is the oldest Logic song on this list. The song originally released in 2013 and was on his mixtape Welcome to Forever. However, on that version there was a feature from C Dot Castro. This version, which comes from the Uncle Drew soundtrack, does not contain his verse. This is another energetic song from Logic that features him speaking highly of himself. The hook is motivational and speaks of Logic attaining the financial goals he wants. For those who are familiar with some of Logic’s other grounded music, this may be surprising. This is a testament to the growth he’s made as well as his range as an artist. The song has claps throughout it which loosely connects to the basketball theme of Uncle Drew. The drums and bass on this one are very high energy too and encourage listeners to rap along with the hook.

#4. 44 More – Logic

This song is actually part two of a different Logic song. “44 Bars” is a song from his project Bobby Tarantino. This sequel is on his project Bobby Tarantino II. The original song contrasted the rest of the songs on the project because of its emotional context. Meanwhile, on this song, Logic abandons this feeling for high energy. However, several of his bars still relate to the overarching subject matter from the original. His delivery of them is what makes them sound different. This song also features one of his fastest verses. It also features a beat switch right before Logic goes into it. Logic adapts to beat switches all over the song as he changes his flow accordingly. Listeners actually got a glimpse of the recording process for this song. In it, they saw how many times it took Logic to get the fast portion of the verse right. 

#3. Homicide – Logic (feat. Eminem)

When this song was announced, many Logic fans were very excited. Logic has had a few very fast rap verses in his career. Eminem is known for his fast-paced verses. This song showcases this skill from both artists. Logic’s hook is just as fast as his verses. He goes through a group of flow switches and also uses some humor within the verse. The hook also pays homage to Eminem – one of Eminem’s biggest songs specifically. Eminem’s verse is even faster than Logic’s and is a little different from his too. It doesn’t have the hook from the song during it at all. Eminem’s verse also has many more punchlines than Logic’s. Logic has discussed his admiration for him so it’s safe to say he didn’t mind.

#2. Everyday – Logic (feat. Marshmallow)

This is a Logic song where he tried something new. Before this released, Logic had mostly only worked with his in-house producer 6ix. The two of them have been working together for his whole career. But, on this one 6ix does not have any production credits at all. This is because on this one Marshmello is the sole producer. Marshmello is instantly recognizable because of the large marshmallow head he wears that covers his face. People know him for his electronic music production. However, for Logic he produced something that still lined up well with the rap based production Logic was used to. The song combines trap drums and melodies that are more electronic and pop centric. Logic also sings on the song which is something he did more in his later career. 

#1. 1-800-273-8255 – Logic (feat. Alessia Cara and Khalid)

This Logic song has over one billion streams. It without a doubt is the song that took him to an entirely new level of popularity. This track was a large departure from the type of music had previously done. This song also had two surprising features on it. These came from Alessia Cara and Khalid who are pop artists. Previously, Logic had not worked with any artists from that world or even made a pop oriented song. The message behind this song is why it took off in popularity. The song discusses not giving up on life and letting it consume you. The phone number is the Suicide Prevention Hotline. After Logic performed the song on the MTV VMAs in 2017,they received an immense amount of calls. No matter what you think of him, the fact remains that this song literally saved lives.

Is your favorite Logic song on this list? Let us know in the comments section.


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