April 25, 2024

Bumpy Knuckles Argues Hip-Hop Has Been “Ravaged By Culture Vultures”


Bumpy Knuckles, also known as Freddie Foxxx, says that culture vultures have “milked, pimped, and ravaged” hip-hop. In a statement shared on Instagram, earlier this week, the Long Island rapper vented about the state of the genre. While doing so, he also promoted his 2018 project Pop Dukes by sharing audio from the track, “Legends.”

“There has always been a serious issue in Black Culture of self-hate and the crabs in a barrel mentality. However, we all have had to study something or someone who helped to design who we are in what we live and love to do. No matter how you articulate your feelings about ‘Our Culture,’ there are levels and no one could and should never deny the fact that it’s been milked, pimped, and ravaged by culture vultures who have helped to keep us more divided in ideas and the outcome of those ideas,” he said.

Bumpy Knuckles On The Set Of “Who’s The Man?”

NEW YORK, NEW YORK–NOVEMBER 10: Rapper Freddie Foxxx (aka James Campbell) appears in a portrait taken on the set of the film “Who’s The Man?” on November 10, 1992 in New York City. (Photo by Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Bumpy Knuckles continued: “The Young heads feel excluded and they are not talking about a 50th anything and The True OG’s are again reminded that they are being pushed deeper into the back of the minds of those new Rappers and DJ’s…and then there is the middle aged 90s-2000s rappers who are in a tug of war with getting money and keeping it a buck with their forefathers about the history. Shit is fucked up that anyone would disrespect the architects of Hip Hop culture no matter what we my agree or disagree with.”

Bumpy Knuckles is far from the only veteran rapper to criticize the current state of hip-hop. Earlier this week, Pete Rock also complained about modern rap music. In particular, he took issue with artists sampling music that he considers to be too recent and too mainstream. He explained on Twitter that there’s “no diggin for the hits” anymore.

Bumpy Knuckles’ Post On The State Of Hip-Hop


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