April 25, 2024

Shaq Reportedly Had Hip Surgery, Worries Fans In The Process


Shaq is someone who is beloved by people all around the world. There is a very good reason for this as he is one of those personalities who is always brightening up a room. Overall, Shaq is a man of many talents. For instance, he is one of the best players in the history of the NBA. Moreover, he is a world-renowned DJ who has played at some of the biggest festivals in the entire world. Needless to say, he is an impressive individual. Consequently, people are always excited to see what he will do next.

Over the weekend, however, the NBA Hall-Of-Famer actually had people very worried about his condition. This is due to the fact that he posted a tweet of himself in a hospital bed. He tagged Ernie Johnson and Candace Parker, saying he misses them while noting “I’m always watching.” Clearly, he was referencing NBA on TNT and the shows he does for them. Although, fans were certainly concerned about why Shaq would need to be in the hospital. After all, he had plenty of wires connected to him.

Shaq Tweets From The Hospital

According to TMZ, fans do not have to worry. Essentially, Shaq just needed a minor hip surgery to repair some damage. Overall, it was a very successful operation, and the NBA legend is doing just fine. That said, there was definitely some cause for concern there. Either way, Shaq is a very big man, and when you are of his stature, it is easy for your body to break down quickly. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that he has had to get these kinds of operations. Hopefully, his issue is fixed and he can get back on set in no time.

Shaq is definitely the most valued member of the NBA On TNT crew. He has four NBA titles and multiple Finals MVPs. Moreover, he has the most individual accolades of any of the people on the set. He has been with TNT for years now, and he has made for some truly hilarious moments. We wish the big man nothing but the best in his recovery.


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