June 1, 2023

Cam’ron Roasts Anthony Davis For Questionable Locker Room Video


Cam’ron has been killing it as of late with his brand-new sports show dubbed “It Is What It Is.” As it stands, this show is being hosted on YouTube, however, it could very well be finding a new home at some point. Overall, this is due to the fact that numerous companies have been reaching out to Cam. The show is so good that there is now a bidding war for it. This just goes to show how much charisma Cam has on the show, while his chemistry with Ma$e is simply unmatched.

What makes this show truly unique is just how open and honest Cam can be about a plethora of different topics. There is no one trying to censor him. Consequently, some of the segments can be pretty hilarious and out of pocket. If you are sick of the First Take and Undisputed machine, then “It Is What It Is” is for you. A good example of Cam’s approach to sports commentary can be found in the Instagram post below. In this clip, Cam questions Anthony Davis for always being injured. However, after finding a hazing video from Davis when he was at Kentucky, even more questions were posed.

Cam’ron Questions AD

As you can see in the clip, Davis is naked on the floor of the locker room. Additionally, one teammate is holding him down and slapping his behind. Davis even appears fired up about the whole thing. His eyes go wide open and he sticks his tongue out. Cam was very obviously disturbed by the whole thing as he wrote “found out why AD hasn’t played a full season yet (frame 2) his extra curricular activities are wild pauuuuussseeeeee.” Furthermore, he went on to say “Lake show getting too freaky,” among other things.

If you are a fan of sports and you love Cam, then his show is absolutely worth listening to. While he and Ma$e don’t always have the facts or statistics to back up their talking points, they make for entertaining conversation. Their subjectivity is awesome and there is no doubt that this show has tremendous potential. Let us know what you think of “It Is What It Is,” in the comments below.


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