April 21, 2024

NLE Choppa & Lil Wayne’s Collaboration “Ain’t Gonna Answer” Finally Arrives


NLE Choppa is preparing to usher in a new chapter in his career with Cottonwood 2. However, he’s enlisted some help from Lil Wayne. This morning, the Memphis rapper came through with some classic Cash Money vibes on his new single, “Ain’t Gonna Answer,” an ode to the Father & Son relationship between Lil Wayne and Birdman. NLE Choppa updates “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” with Wayne’s stamp of approval, turning the record into a bouncy, energetic anthem.

The new single comes nearly a month after it was initially announced. In February, NLE Choppa shared a video of himself finally meeting Lil Wayne with a bouquet of flowers, a skateboard, and a handwritten note. The “CHOPPA FLOW” star explained to Wayne how much he meant to him growing up, which reflects his lyrics in the song. “From the city of Memphis, known for mackin’ and pimpin’/ but I’m a Hot Boy, can’t lie, I got some Weezy up in me,” NLE Choppa raps in the first verse.

NLE Choppa Unites With Lil Wayne Ahead Of New Album

In the note NLE Choppa gave Wayne, he described the Louisiana native as one of the top three figures in his life, alongside Kobe Bryant and 2Pac. However, he hoped to form a mentorship relationship through their collab. ”I simply wanted to physically gift you these flowers to symbolize my appreciation for you as an artist, an icon, and more importantly, an inspiration,” NLE Choppa wrote in the message. “I pray this is the beginning of a big brother and little brother relationship.”

Though the song didn’t come out as intended, it ultimately helped propel the release of “MO UP FRONT.” NLE Choppa later shared a screenshot of a text message he received from the label head, who praised him for his idea to gift Lil Wayne the flowers. In response, Choppa said they needed to have a discussion because he needed a bigger cheque, which seemingly worked out for him. Check out his new single above.

Quotable Lyrics
From a hot boy to a madman, that high-water or hell deep
Call him NLE, you can call me “Machiavelli”
Shirt off, Choppa on, Weezy baby, Babylon
I’m greedy, baby, Ramadan, I got my slimes with me, it’s a slimeathon

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