April 21, 2024

6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Says His Gym Assault Is Embarrassing For Their 7-Year-Old Daughter


Earlier this week, footage of 6ix9ine’s brutal LA Fitness beatdown began circulating online. As a result, many have been clowning the embattled recording artist. While Boosie Badazz reminded the masses that “snitches get stitches,” Wack 100 was kind enough to show some love to the “good guy,” wishing him a “speedy recovery.” On Friday (March 24), it was reported that the recent victim is refusing to leave Florida at this time. Still, sources close to him say that he’s not planning on changing his lifestyle based on one unfortunate incident.

As discourse about 6ix9ine’s assault continues making rounds, his baby mama, Sara Molina, is sharing her thoughts on the drama. Through her rep, she spoke with TMZ, describing her ex’s recent antics as “sad to see.” Specifically, knowing that their seven-year-old daughter, Saraiyah, will eventually see the videos when she gets older has been hard. Of course, the New Yorker wasn’t exactly in the wrong during his attack. However, his co-parent feels as though not having security around was a reckless decision on his part, given his laundry list of similar past issues.

Sara Molina Speaks On Her Ex, 6ix9ine

Elsewhere in the conversation, Molina pointed out that 6ix9ine was forcibly removed from the World Baseball Classic. This took place because he was heavily intoxicated at the event earlier this month. The rapper’s baby mama is “surprised 69 has been walking around like he can’t be touched.” She also feels as though the beatdown “proves he’s misguided.” Above all else, she’s concerned for their daughter’s safety as her father continues to beef with other artists. However, it’s also been noted that the 26-year-old apparently hasn’t reached out to ask about Saraiyah since late 2022.

While there’s clearly contention between her and 6ix9ine, Molina says she’s more focused on Trump getting indicted than her ex getting jumped. She hopes that he’ll get the “help he needs,” but maintains that she and their daughter are doing just fine, regardless if the “GOOBA” artist is in their lives or not. Read more reactions to the controversial figure’s LA Fitness attack here, and check back later for more hip-hop and pop culture news updates.


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