April 21, 2024

50 Cent Jokingly Dissed By Lil Nas X


Lil Nas X just jokingly dissed 50 Cent on Twitter, and responses clapped back so much that he muted the conversation. Moreover, he responded to a tweet with a cheeky and jesting message (in typical fashion), delivered briefly to his audience of 8 million followers. Furthermore, the tweet in question was a picture of both 50 and Nas X, basically comparing “rappers then” to “rappers now.” Not only that, but the user who posted the meme-like comparison said they saw it as a downfall for the genre. Then, the “INDUSTRY BABY” responded with a light jab at 50, but one that clearly aimed more at people who take offense to his claims that he’s better.

“This is not fair youre comparing a legend who has changed music forever to 50 cent,” he wrote. At the time of writing this article, the Queens legend hasn’t addressed or responded to either of these messages. Shortly after publishing them, though, the MONTERO rapper posted a screenshot of him muting the conversation for that tweet. As such, he probably got too much hate in his comments section and decided this time to just ignore it rather than clap back at it with a funny tweet like he usually does.

Lil Nas X Throws Some Funny Shade At 50 Cent

All that said, to see 50 respond to the Georgia-born artist would be interesting, to say the least, as he could go ay direction with it. Much like the “In Da Club” rapper himself, Nas X also likes to stir the pot and cause a ruckus online for his words and takes. However, some of that behavior turned damaging earlier this week. Moreover, his tweet about “gays in Africa” caught a lot of fire, primarily because it came soon after sweeping anti-LGBTQIA+ laws passed in Uganda.

With that in mind, if this actually becomes a feud and doesn’t land as the joke it is, things might get ugly. After all, 50’s no stranger to controversy himself, and has a fanbase as passionate and as numerous as Lil Nas X’s to this day. Sure, many could debate that last point either way, but they really do represent two different sides of hip-hop. Hopefully they remember that just because they’re not the same doesn’t mean they have to oppose each other. Or at the very least, they can make some good meme-worthy content out of this. Regardless, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Lil Nas X and 50 Cent.

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