April 12, 2024

Frank Ocean Spotted At SZA’s Tour


Three of R&B’s most acclaimed and beloved artists just had an insanely rare crossover moment. Frank Ocean was recently spotted at SZA’s tour stop in Inglewood, California, and a video surfaced of him watching Omar Apollo perform. Of course, such an appearance is incredibly uncommon, as the Blonde singer is known most for his unknown movements. In fact, many on social media started speculating that Frank and Omar are back together. As some may remember, they’ve been a rumored couple for a while now. Regardless, it’s exciting to see the “Ivy” star back in the public eye, especially ahead of some potentially big moves.

Moreover, people are incredibly excited for his upcoming headlining spot at Coachella, which some fans still can’t believe. Given that this isn’t the first teased appearance from the 35-year-old at the festival, many are skeptical. Also, there’s the added factor of no full-length projects since 2016. Only a couple of singles held die-hards over. Still, perhaps this is a sign that we’ll see more of him in the future, although it’s doubtful that he misses the attention.

Frank Ocean Pops Up At SZA Tour

There’s such a buzz around the Odd Future alum whenever his name pops up that people freaked out over an edited picture of him with long hair. Many immediately thought that he would come out of hiding debuting a new look. Instead, they realized they just sought confirmation bias when it was revealed to be fake. Even though he stays pretty offline, his impact and continuous influence on music goes beyond any public appearance. As one of the most simultaneously successful and low-key artists of our generation, even the world’s biggest superstars can’t hold a candle to his acclaim.

Despite all that praise, maybe hope for new music won’t be enough to keep fans from lashing out at him. After all, some of his extracurricular moves drew some controversy and pushback from hardcore fans and casuals alike. For example, his brand Homer released cock rings for $25,000. That got as clowned as it was criticized, but it means nothing in the face of a song like “Pyramids.” With that in mind, come back to HNHH for the latest on Frank Ocean, the little we get to see of him, and what his next move may be.

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