April 25, 2024

Damson Idris Dodges Questions About Lori Harvey In New Interview: Watch


It’s been only a few months since rumours of a romance between Damson Idris and Lori Harvey began swirling online, but already, the young lovers seem to be on cloud nine. The honeymoon phase is clearly in full effect, and though they’ve faced the usual rumours of breakup and drama between them, the couple has put on a united front through it all while giving little glimpses of their life together to the public. They were separated for some time as the Snowfall actor headed to Trinidad for Carnival and the model jetted off to Milan for Fashion Week, but as of late, they’ve been back outside together, making plenty of headlines.

Earlier this month, Idris and Harvey grabbed a bite to eat at a pizza joint in New York City, and just a few days ago, they attended SZA’s concert together. Prior to the latter, some internet sleuths were speculating about a breakup between the attractive pair, but their most recent outing quickly shut those down. While we haven’t seen them hit the town together since then, the English star did sit down for an interview with Complex on Monday (March 27), in which he aptly dodged Speedy Morman’s questions about his relationship.

Damson Idris Dodges Questions About His Relationship

“My private life, my relationship today, it’s great,” Idris confirmed, intentionally not giving out too many details. “Life is great, and I’m just moving forward.” When Morman asked his guest if it was hard to keep his romance with Harvey a secret, he said, “Yeah,” with a chuckle. “You know, our lives are under a magnifying glass. People need to understand that people in the public eye are people.” The 31-year-old then reiterated that things have been “great” for him as of late, a wide smile spreading across his face.

Elsewhere in their discussion, Damson Idris spoke about his experience having Jay-Z sponsor his green card, enabling him to relocate to America to work on some of our favourite TV shows. Aside from his performance as Franklin Saint, the internet has also been raving about his work in Donald Glover’s Snowfall opposite Chloe Bailey. Watch the actor’s full Complex interview on YouTube below, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.

Complex x Damson Idris


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