April 25, 2024

GloRilla Reacts To Money Man Name-Dropping Her On “Saweetie” Song


Artists name-dropping each other on their tracks definitely isn’t anything new. Still, that doesn’t mean the celebrity at the butt of the bar is always happy to hear what’s being said about them. Most recently, it seems GloRilla is upset with Money Man over his rhyme about her on his “Saweetie” song. It landed on his first project of 2023, Red Eye, earlier this month. Of course, the “FTCU” hitmaker isn’t the only one mentioned by the 37-year-old, though she does seem to be taking it more personally than anyone else.

“Brown skin bitch, she feelin’ on my chest, she look like Saweetie / My unc’ still cookin’ dope up in the kitchen, bumpin’ Jeezy,” the quick-witted rhymer says on his chorus. On the first verse, however, is when he name-drops the southern rap diva. “Skinny bitch inside my DMs, she remind me of GloRilla / I had drew down on a fan, but he only wanted a picture,” Money Man’s noteworthy mention of her infamously petite figure goes.

Money Man Name-Drops GloRilla on “Saweetie”

As is customary when a hot new hip-hop song arrives, social media has been reposting the lyrics across various platforms. Of course, it wasn’t long before GloRilla got wind of them. She even took some time to reply to one person quoting the bar online on Sunday (March 26). “Skinny bihh in my DM, she reminds me of GloRilla,” they wrote, causing the 23-year-old to clap back, “Hey guys, what song is this??????????? I hate it.” Clearly, she’s not a fan of Money Man’s latest project, or at least not “Saweetie.”

GloRilla is undeniably slimmer than many of her contemporaries due to her decision to forego plastic surgery. However, she’s always let her confidence shine through despite trolls making nasty comments. In the past, her Twitter feed has lit up with claims that people are constantly asking her about her BBL, as well as reminders that she’ll always see herself as curvaceous and thick, despite what any haters out there have to say. Stream Money Man’s “Saweetie” on YouTube above, and revisit the Ohio native’s Red Eye project here afterward.

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