April 12, 2024

Is This The End for ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm?’


Larry David

Photo Credit: Charley Gallay/FilmMagic for HBO

This might be a curtain call for long-running HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm. On Tuesday (March 28), series writer and producer Jon Hayman hinted at the show’s 12th season being its last. Costar Richard Lewis also confirmed in a separate tweet, writing, “Hard to believe we started in 2000. The cast and crew all knew we were working for a genius.”

In a now-deleted tweet, Hayman posted a photo Larry David and wrote:

“Maybe you love the show. Maybe you hate the show. Maybe you don’t give a shit. In any event, shooting the last scene of the last episode of the final season.”

The news makes sense, as lead actor Larry David filmed a death scene for the show’s 11th season. But while we don’t have information about the final season’s plot, showrunner Jeff Schaffer gave an update to IndieWire last summer.

“We’re writing it right now, and we’ll start shooting, I don’t know, late fall,” Schaffer said at the time. “We’re in the middle of it right now. I’m looking at a dry erase board. […] We’re just basically sitting in a room, showing each other our awkward scars, and coming up with new stuff. Funny things are like cockroaches. They’re hard to kill. They stick around, and I think we’re just comedy cockroaches.”

Created by David, Curb Your Enthusiasm debuted on HBO in October 2000, first beginning as a special the previous year. Throughout its 23 years, the show has been nominated for 47 Primetime Emmy Awards, winning two, won a Golden Globe Award for Best Series – Musical or Comedy in 2002, and earned David a Best Writing honor from the Writers Guild of America in 2005.

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