April 25, 2024

Rick Ross Shares Video Of His Kickboxing Training: “I Ain’t Gon’ Spare You”


Much like his buddy DJ Khaled, Rick Ross also keeps his fans updated on his day-to-day activities. Whether he’s preaching motivational gems from the Bel-Air towers or trying to track down farm animals, the Miami rapper’s Instagram Story stands as an endless source of entertainment. However, nothing beats when Rick Ross hits the gym to show off his fitness regimen, specifically when he enters the boxing ring.

This week, the MMG boss took fans on a tour of his kickboxing training. Though he already proved he could throw hands if needed, he made it clear that he will use his feet, too, if needed. “You see, when I go wild, ‘cause I don’t want to train just to be training in the streets,” he said. “Ain’t no – all that tap sh*t,” Rozay added in reference to the pads his trainer was wearing. “I go buck wild. So if you don’t know me, when I nut up on you, it’s what I’ma say, which is gonna be horrendous. Then I’m going to jump with the punch,” he continued, pretending to hit the camera person.

Rick Ross Hits The Gym

Ross put his money where his mouth is and began to showcase his kickboxing skills with his trainer. He revealed his footwork and quick moves before continuing to pop his sh*t for the camera. “So when I start training at this intensity level, I take my shoes off, so I don’t kick my homie like that,” Rick Ross continued. “Another n***a, I ain’t gon’ spare you, I’ma kick you. I’ma kick you and punch you in the head. So come on, n***a.”

Besides his recent display of kickboxing, Rick Ross found himself in hot water over the weekend after his buffaloes escaped his property. The rapper’s neighbors expressed concern that his animals are wandering into their yard where children play. Apparently, they tried to confront him, only to get into a heated verbal dispute with a member of his team. We’ll keep you posted on any more updates surrounding that. For now, rate Rick Ross’s kickboxing skills in the comment section below. 

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