April 24, 2024

Bronny James Jr. NIL Earnings Revealed


Bronny James Jr. is easily the most famous High School basketball player in the entire United States. Although, he will not be in high school for much longer. He is about to decide where he will go to college, and fans are very excited about this looming decision. Overall, the hype around Bronny is warranted. He is the son of one of basketball’s greatest players. Moreover, he is an amazing two-way player who knows how to command the floor. He has a great teacher, and his future is most certainly bright.

If you have been paying attention to college and high school sports, you know that these athletes can now accept Name, Image, and Likeness deals. This is a brand new phenomenon and it has allowed players to secure the bag before they even go pro. As you can imagine, Bronny has been hit with a ton of deals. For instance, he is signed to Nike and Beats By Dre. Additionally, there are all sorts of brands that are trying to get him as one of their ambassadors. Consequently, Bronny has already made a lot of money at 18 years old.

Bronny Is Making Bank

According to On3Sports, Bronny’s NIL deals have a total valuation of $7.2 million. This is an obscene amount of money for someone Bronny’s age. The next closest athlete on the list is Arch Manning, who is making $3.7 million. The young man is currently committed to the Texas Longhorns and is expected to become a superstar. Interestingly enough, the top two on this list are all related to legends in their respective sports. Needless to say, having that name recognition goes an extremely long way when it comes to these NIL deals.

Furthermore, it should be noted that Bronny was fantastic during the McDonald’s All-American game last night. He scored a grand total of 15 points and even added four assists. Bronny also played some great defense which was lauded by everyone who watched the game. Hopefully, he continues to improve his game over the next few years. If he sticks with it, there is no doubt that he will become a star in the NBA.

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