April 12, 2024

Ice Spice Gets Her Chain Snatched, Says Man Taunting Her In A Video


She’s a relatively unproblematic newcomer, but a man claims he’s snatched Ice Spice’s chain. Ice stormed the Rap game with her “Munch” hit, putting her on the map as a formidable contender. She’s the latest artist to receive the meteoric rise treatment, increasing visibility with every release. Her first year in the mainstream found Spice posing for Beyoncé’s Ivy Park campaign, and she’s hit festival stages across the globe. However, with newfound fame also comes haters, and a group of men claimed they robbed the Like…? star.

A video of a group dangling a “Queen” chain in the camera lens surfaced online. “We got Ice Spice chain,” one of the men said. “Stop playin’ with me. Pull up. Y’all know where we at.” He then mocked the way Ice Spice raps, echoing his previous remark about her going to him to get her jewelry back. The clip ended with laughter but didn’t explain where this alleged robbery occurred.

Ice Spice Fans Jump In

Reactions quickly poured in, and unsurprisingly, the group was called out. People were confused—and disgusted—by the men bragging about snatching a chain from a woman. The public was also divided about the validity of the encounter. Some ran with it as truth, while others believed the alleged thieves were clout-chasing. Even if it was just jokes, the men now find themselves on the wrong side of Ice Spice fans.

Further, it was noted that Ice Spice has a signature chain, and the one in the video certainly wasn’t it. Spice’s necklace is a blinged-out, exaggerated version of her face, and after copping the piece, she wears it just about anywhere she goes. Her fans couldn’t accept that the “Queen” necklace belonged to the rapper and advised people not to believe everything they see on the internet. Since going viral, there hasn’t been a response from Ice Spice or her alleged assailants. We can only imagine it may be a rough day for them because all clout isn’t good clout. Whatever the truth, fans hope Ice Spice is doing okay. Check out the video above.

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