May 18, 2024

Chlöe Gets Her “Cheatback” With Joey Bad$$ In Visual To Future-Assisted Single


We’re sure Chlöe is somewhere celebrating now that her debut solo album, In Pieces, has been released. The singer has emerged from her Chloe x Halle sister duo, proving to be a formidable contender in Pop circles. Her singles “How Does It Feel” with Chris Brown and “Have Mercy” have taken over playlists, and “Cheatback” featuring Future is a favorite among fans. To support her record, Chlöe shared the visual to “Cheatback” with a guest appearance by Joey Bada$$. While Future plays the part of the unfaithful boyfriend, Joey swoops in as the lover who may do her right.

In many ways, the visual contrasts the song’s essence. It’s often fiery and shows the singer partying the night away while Future makes it rain in a strip club. The stripped-down track is carried by an acoustic guitar, eliciting feelings of vulnerability that complement Chlöe’s lyrics. The singer is known for her sexy songs and moves to match, and it’s been a love-hate relationship with fans. Some believe Chlöe is overdoing it with her sex appeal, while others are happy to see her coming into her own.

Chlöe Finds Her Footing Away From Her Sister

In an interview with PEOPLE, Chlöe detailed how she came up with the title In Pieces for her album. It stemmed from the career separation from her sister, Halle Bailey. “We both didn’t really know who we were individually without the other,” she said. “And that’s what was really scary for me. It was a moment of self-doubt where I was like, ‘Can I do this without my sister?’” When she began showing a sexier side to the public, she was hit with backlash. Chlöe didn’t understand why her peers could get away with it, but she was held to a different standard.

“As much as I would see it and try to act like it didn’t affect or bother me, it would,” she stated. “I was starting to believe the lies that the trolls were saying online, and I started to look down on myself even more than what I already was doing with my own insecurities. Once I ignored it, I’ve been good.” We expect much more visually from In Pieces, so we’ll keep you updated. Meanwhile, check out the music video to “Cheatback” above.

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