April 21, 2024

Fan Selling Playboi Carti’s Chewed Gum From Rolling Loud For $40K


Hopefully this is one of those April Fool’s pranks that the perpetrator deletes the very next day. A fan is selling chewed gum that allegedly belonged to Playboi Carti at Rolling Loud for $40,353.67, a hilariously specific amount for a hilariously unbelievable product. To be fair, Carti shows are typically as wild as they can get, and so the image of the Whole Lotta Red star spitting gum on a fan isn’t totally incredulous. Still, many took the opportunity to clown the hustler- and clown the rapper’s fanbase as a whole. What’s more is that people also blasted the $14 shipping cost, as if it makes a significant dent in a $40K investment.

Furthermore, Playboi Carti’s recent set at Rolling Loud Miami included teases of new music coming soon. Not only that, but Lil Uzi Vert also teased that they might drop something together soon, which got a lot of fans incredibly hopeful. After all, their frequent collaborations and teased joint album captured the minds of many, yet never came at the apex of its speculation. Since then, both went on to do great things in their respective careers, and after drifting apart, they seem to have reconnected.

Playboi Carti’s Alleged Chewed Gum Up For Sale

However, the “Stop Breathing” MC is also facing a significant public reckoning at the moment, despite his lack of social media presence. For example, the hip-hop world expressed shock and conflicted feelings upon the news of his December arrest for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. After his ex Iggy Azalea further dug at his questionable behavior, fans were confused as to his future and what his side of the story is. Without a statement or acknowledgement (whose necessity is also debated), fans can only reckon with what police reports indicate and hold his music in that context.

Despite that controversy, hype and excitement for the next stage in Playboi Carti’s career is still strong. Moreover, he reportedly rented out all sessions in a Manhattan studio, which led fans to believe he’s fully in album mode. Given so many teases about it, only time will tell, but fans seem more ready than ever. If they weren’t, maybe that Rolling Loud attendee wouldn’t hold on to that old chewed piece of gum. Regardless, log back into HNHH for the latest news and updates on Playboi Carti.

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