April 12, 2024

Joe Budden Crowned No. 1 For Complex’s Hip-Hop Media Rankings


Complex has listed Joe Budden at the number one spot in the outlet’s first-ever Hip-Hop Media Power Ranking. In doing so, they sat down with the podcast host to discuss his career in the media. In ranking different members of the media, Complex focused on five factors: “Commentary & Banter,” “Star Power of Guests,” “Consistency,” “Viral Moments,” and finally, “Content Integrity.”

When interviewer Donnie Kwak mentioned “consistency” as a leading factor, Budden perked up. “One of the most important things for me,” he remarked. “I was talking to my mom this morning and just catching her up on all the work I’ve been doing, and she said, ‘Man, you need a day off.’ And I said, ‘I’m gonna take a day off when I’m 50.’ By design, I just want to go as hard as I can go right now. So no vacations. Let’s get in there, let’s talk, let’s mix it up. I feel like in the sports world every day they have so many different things to talk about. And if you just try in the hip-hop world, I think we can come pretty close to it.”

Joe Budden Recording His Podcast Live In 2017

NEW YORK, NY – JULY 21: (L-R) Mal, Joe Budden and Rory attend the Joe Budden Podcast Live at Highline Ballroom on July 21, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

Budden also addressed whether he considers his work to be entertainment or journalism. “It’s 100 percent entertainment,” he said. “It’s definitely entertainment. If it wasn’t entertainment, then I would be spending the night outside of NBC trying to get on their news channel. I’d be at Vice, ‘Hey, let me be your something.’ But it’s entertainment first. It’s probably journalism second [laughs]. For me. Where I saw this thing going a few years ago was news, much like music, was kind of taking the backseat to brands and personalities. So everybody’s delivering the same news. We all have access to the same shit. But how? How are you doing that? Like, what makes people connect to you? What are you doing to establish a relationship with that audience? That’s been my ‘escape the room’ math equation since 2001. How do I develop this connection with a fan through music, through TV? So that’s that same shit today.”

Budden previously worked at Complex, starring in the series Everyday Struggle alongside DJ Akademiks. He eventually left the outlet at the end of 2017 and focused his efforts on The Joe Budden Podcast. Check out Budden’s full interview with the outlet below.

Joe Budden For “Complex”


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