April 21, 2024

Here’s How You Can Score Records from the Vinyl Collection of Questlove



Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

If you’ve always wanted to  score records from Questlove’s vaunted vinyl collection, you’re in luck. In time for Record Store Day, the musician and Oscar-winning directer — who owns more than 200,000 records — will host a Whatnot livestream on Friday (April 7) where he’ll auction off 50-year-old-plus soul jazz grails from his personal collection.

What will be selections from Quest’s extensive record collection? James Brown’s 1971 album Hot Pants; The Ohio Players’ 1973 classic Ecstasy; Kool & the Gang’s 1972 LP Music Is the Message; The Soul Searchers 1974 staple Salt of the Earth; and more. All proceeds from the auction will benefit sustainable food organization Future of Food Entrepreneurship Program and culinary-focused nonprofit Food Education Fund.

Following the auction, the 52-year-old and one lucky fan will visit New York City’s A-1 Record Shop on April 21 at 11 AM ET. During the trip, which will also be livestreamed on Whatsapp, Questlove and his guest will purchase records while The Roots member will delve into his passion for music.

“Questlove is an undisputed talent as a legendary musician and producer, and is widely recognized for his encyclopedic knowledge and contributions to American music,” John Walters, head of special projects at Whatnot, said in a press statement. “His dedication to music and its history makes him a perfect addition to the community of passionate collectors on Whatnot, we’re excited to see what he’ll be sharing with our growing vinyl community.”

Questlove added, “As a collector myself, I am excited to auction off some of my favorite records from my collection to the Whatnot audience, all for a good cause.”

In other Questlove news, the Summer of Soul filmmaker will direct a live-action readaptation of 1970 animated musical comedy The Aristocats.

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