April 12, 2024

Ryan Gosling Roasted Over “Barbie” Trailer: “He Looks Like Grandpa Ken”


After months of anticipation, Greta Gerwig has finally unveiled the second teaser trailer for her upcoming Barbie movie. We’ve previously seen photos of stars Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling rollerblading around California in their neon spandex, but now, movie lovers are getting a better idea of what to expect from the upcoming comedy. It appears the famous blonde doll and her handsome beau, Ken, will cross dimensions from their home to the “real world” on the big screen, though she remains unaware of his presence until they’ve already crossed over.

“I’m coming with ya,” the Canadian actor, in character as the blond stud declares. “Did you bring your rollerblades?” an exasperated Barbie asks, seemingly expecting to be disappointed. “I literally go nowhere without them!” Ken excitedly confirms. Elsewhere in the under-two-minute-long teaser, we also see Gosling face off against Simu Liu, who previously admitted to painfully waxing his entire body for the part. On top of that, fans will also witness the acting debut of pop sensation Dua Lipa, who plays a mermaid.

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Teaser #2 Has Arrived

Since the preview arrived on Tuesday (April 4) morning, social media has been sharing plenty of thoughts, many of them about the La La Land actor specifically. “Me in the theatre watching ‘Barbie’ every time Ryan Gosling’s Ken says anything,” one troll wrote alongside a video of The Office cast snickering during a blooper on set. “He looks like Grandpa Ken,” another person chimed in. When the film’s casting was first announced there was some online discourse regarding the 42-year-old’s age, and if he was the best choice for the part.

“The Ken’s are just not Kenning for me, I’m sorry,” someone else tweeted. “But I’ll be seated regardless.” No matter what people think of the male lead, they’re certainly pleased with Robbie’s casting as the beloved blonde beauty. Check out Barbie‘s second teaser trailer on YouTube above, and keep scrolling to see Twitter’s reaction to the Ryan Gosling renaissance. Afterward, let us know if you’ll be tuning into the upcoming film later this spring in the comments.

Twitter Reacts to Ryan Gosling


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