April 25, 2024

Kevin Gates Claims He Stopped Getting Sick Once He Started “Telling The Truth”


Kevin Gates has made plenty of baffling claims in the past. He once claimed that he jumpstarted a car with his bare hands – a statement that Akademiks pushed back against. Generally speaking, his holistic health advice has led many to wonder if he’s ever speaking the truth. Some have placed him as one of hip-hop’s most prolific liars while others feel like he simply likes to stir the pot. But, on the latest episode of I Am Athlete, Gates provided a questionable response surrounding his immune system

Gates explained to the hosts that he hasn’t gotten sick in a long time, which he credits for frequently telling the truth. “From me not telling the truth, my throat chakra started getting blocked and I started getting sick. I started having colds until I opened my throat chakra and speaking the truth. I haven’t been sick since,” he said. The hosts appeared puzzled by the claim, though he broke down how his mental and physical health work with one another. 

Kevin Gates’ Latest Claim

“When I was living at the other spot before I moved here, I used to be sick a lot,” Gates continued. “Just weak and everything because I wasn’t speaking my truth. And when I’m not speaking my truth, I’m not living in my truth. And when you set boundaries, you’re showing love for yourself.” Even though the hosts didn’t seem entirely convinced about Gates’ claims, they transitioned the topic to the amount of pressure he faces as a breadwinner. The Louisiana rapper said that, these days, he doesn’t have trouble telling people “no.”

“It’s okay to tell people, ‘No, not today,’” Gates added. “But I had a fear of telling people, ‘No.’ Once you tell a n***ga, ‘No,’ they act like you never told ’em, ‘Yes.’” While Gates ended the segment with a relatively understandable point, fans continued to pile on him for his claims. Shortly after, he shared a pictograph from Karen Barrios that details the different ailments connected to emotions. Check out Gates’ interview above and peep his tweet below. What do you think of Kevin Gates’ comments? Let us know in the comments below. 

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