April 24, 2024

Shohei Ohtani Makes History With Two Blunders


Shohei Ohtani has quickly risen to stardom in the MLB. The Los Angeles Angels star is known for doing it all, literally. Ohtani is a starting pitcher and one of the best offensive weapons on the team. The league has never seen someone with the talent of the Japanese sensation. However, on Wednesday, Ohtani made baseball history for all the wrong reasons. But the moment will forever be remembered by all the fans of the MLB.

The MLB has started a set of new rules this season. One of those rules is the pitch clock. The pitch clock is an attempt to speed up the game while gaining new eyes on the product. Baseball has long been known as the game that drags on, with very little action in downtime. Now with the pitch clock, pitchers only have 20 seconds to deliver their next pitch. On the other side, batters have 15 seconds to be in the batter’s box for said pitch. Failing to do so as a pitcher results in a ball call for the batter. While for the batter, it is a called strike. On Wednesday, Ohtani was the first player to ever have a violation as a pitcher and hitter in the same game.

Shohei Ohtani Creates History In Less Than Satisfying Fashion

The chances of this happening were larger than most think. Ohtani takes the mound at least once a week. While during those appearances, Ohtani will also perform hitting duties. The Angels phenom took the incidents in stride. Because, really, there’s no other way to take the violations. Ohtani has already had a huge year on the diamond. The do it all athlete helped lead Japan to the 2023 World Baseball Classic Championship. The final moment of that game saw Ohtani striking out his Angels teammate Mike Trout.

The pitch clock has seemed to be a positive impact on baseball. Games are finishing up a lot faster than in previous years. However, the most important rule change this season may very well be the banning of the shift. Now it seems as if we are seeing more hits. Especially up the middle of the field. Baseball is changing for the better, and no one seems to have that big of an issue. What are your thoughts on the new rules in the MLB? Sounds off in the comment section with your thoughts. For the latest happenings inside the MLB, stay right here at HNHH.

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