April 21, 2024

Blueface To Fight TikTok Star Ed Matthews, He Insults Chrisean Rock In Response


Blueface is no stranger to boxing, and he just announced that he’s going to return to the ring later this month. Moreover, his opponent is British TikTok star Ed Matthews, and little is known as to how this matchup even came about. What’s more is that it’s especially bewildering because, from what Blueface expressed, he doesn’t even know who Matthews is. “I don’t know who the f**k is that guy,” he said on a TikTok with IFN Boxing on Friday (April 7), confirming the rumble. Not only that, but the Internet celebrity also insulted Blue’s boo Chrisean Rock as their fight was announced, responding scathingly to the California rapper.

Then, Blueface elaborated on his confidence and his excitement for the brawl on Twitter. “My fight is April 22nd in London idk who the guy is but it don’t even matter fr look out,” he tweeted. “I own a restaurant I box I manage a artist I do music I EP my own show on zues an onlyfans. The goal is to have 7 sources of income earned income capital gain interest income dividend income rental income business income royalty income.”

Blueface Facing Off Against Ed Matthews In The Boxing Ring

Later, Matthews responded to the “Thotiana” MC’s video with a TikTok clip of his own. “On god, your girl is going to be holding my wood straight after I put you on your a**, boy. 22nd of April late notice,” he said in his video while laughing, and his taunts didn’t stop there. In the clip’s caption, he sent further shots at the reality TV star, which Blueface doesn’t seem to have responded to yet as of writing this article. “@chriseanrockbaby im gon be yo daddy,” he taunted in his caption.

From what the UK Sun reports, Matthews also has some experience in the boxing ring, as does his opponent. Given that the rapper’s headline-grabbing antics mostly relate to his relationship drama, this will at least change the pace of the timeline. Still, the fight goes down April 22nd in London, and fans all over of differing levels of acceptance of the couple’s antics will likely tune in and see how it goes down. With that in mind, come back to HNHH for the latest news and updates on Chrisean Rock, Blueface, and his boxing match with Ed Matthews.


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