April 24, 2024

6ix9ine Is Filming His New Video In Africa


Looks like 6ix9ine is going to film his new video on location in Africa. The 26-year-old rapper has been in the news almost every day recently. Unfortunately, the headlines haven’t been speaking much about his music. Last month, a group of men assaulted 6ix9ine at his gym. The footage made its way online and instantly went viral. Many said that the rapper had it coming due to his reputation as a snitch. 6ix9ine has spoken out on the incident, calling it “hard to watch” and “cowardly.”

After the incident, the rapper decided it was time to shift focus back onto his music. He pretty much immediately began to tease new music. Soon after, released his new single, Bori. The video featured footage of him after the attack, showing his injuries. Barely giving fans a chance to breathe, 6ix9ine has already begun teasing more new music. In a post on his Instagram, he told fans that he would film his next video in whatever country was mentioned the most in the comments. Though the country remains unclear, it appears that it will be somewhere in Africa.

6ix9ine Lets His Fans Call The Shots

6ix9ine returned to Instagram to update fans on his next video shoot. He previously promised that the video would be released on April 14th. However, the process of getting visas took longer than he expected. As such, the video will likely be delayed. Additionally, 6ix9ine says that none of the camera crew have been granted visas. In his post, the rapper stands outside of a Best Buy with a camera stabilizer made for mobile phones. You have to admire his determination.

When detailing the shoot, 6ix9ine says that he is en route to Africa with only one other person. “I’m on my way to Africa to film a music video with no camera team,” the rapper wrote in the caption. “I promised you a music video 3 days from now… Realistically I won’t make that date BUT as soon as I start filming I won’t stop and give it to you what ever date I finish.” Are you excited for more music from 6ix9ine? Sound off in the comments!

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