April 24, 2024

Alleged Texts Between Azriel Clary & Her Mom Surface Discussing R. Kelly: Report


R. Kelly will sit behind bars for years. Still, plenty of people feel that the court never proved his guilt. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the testimony of his alleged victims has been questioned, including Azriel Clary. Court documents emerged this week, revealing an exchange between Clary and her mother. According to the transcripts, her mom encouraged her to “entice” the singer when they met to further her career.

In relation to the coercion and enticement charge, court documents that surfaced claim there is “insufficient evidence” that prove Kelly’s guilt. It says nothing indicates Kelly “took any action to induce, persuade, entice or coerce Jane” into traveling to California with him. “Quite the opposite, the record shows that Jane’s mother purposefully and strategically enticed Defendant with her 17-year-old daughter, comparing her to Aaliyah in various points,” the document reads, stating Kelly believed her to be 18 at the time. However, the transcripts included text messages between Clary and her mother. The mom instructs her daughter to “put on a show… dance grab his hand shimmy wiggle sit on his lap entice him.”

Azriel Clary’s Mom Text Messages

Per the alleged text messages, Clary’s mom wanted her to prioritize her career rather than pursue a relationship with R. Kelly. She even went on to acknowledge the allegations of Kelly preferring younger women. You are silly that man ain’t trying to do nothing with you musically he want to f*ck period cuz he like young girls,” the text read. However, she also went on to advise Azriel to inform the singer of her actual age because he might feel “deceived.”

“You need to let him know your age cuz he in public doing stuff cuz he think you of age so he don’t care but when it come out that your not and you didn’t tell him he gonna look stupid and will be really mad cuz you will make him look like an idiot,” the text read. “He may not mind you age but that to be his decision don’t assume,” she added. Elsewhere, Clary’s mother joked about having a son in law that would be older than her. Check out the alleged texts above. 

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