April 21, 2024

DeMarcus Cousins Takes Shot At Nikola Jokic: Video


DeMarcus recently was a host on SHOWTIME Basketball. During his appearance with Kevin Garnett, the two discussed Nikola Jokic. Jokic is the reigning back-to-back winner of the NBA MVP Award. There have been a lot of heated discussions about the MVP Award this season. Many believe that it is finally time to crown Joel Embiid with the prestigious award. However, other’s believe that Jokic could earn the award for a third straight time. For Cousins, he isn’t sure the time is right for Jokic to earn the award.

“He hasn’t won anything. He hasn’t been to a final.” That was the biggest statement to come from the Cousins interview. However, the former NBA star didn’t completely rule out Jokic winning the award again. But he did say that at this point in his career, Jokic isn’t deserving of the award. Both of the NBA MVP Award frontrunners are ringless. Jokic being the only one of the two to compete in a Conference Final. But both have a great opportunity to erase that stigma from their careers this postseason.

DeMarcus Cousins Believes A New Player Will Win The MVP

The body of work has already been put in for the NBA MVP Award. Many were ready to hand Embiid the award last week after a dominating performance over the Celtics. However, it does feel as if the winner could be a toss-up between Embiid and Jokic. Even Giannis could receive some votes for the award. However, it does feel like the award is trending toward Embiid’s to lose. The debate has been fierce, with great points from both camps.

The NBA MVP Award will always be a hot discussion topic. The award means so much to so many people. However, Embiid isn’t worried about winning the award. He recently mentioned that he has done everything he can to win the award. If he is chosen great, if not, on to the next one. An NBA Finals featuring the Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers would be one of the biggest matchups in recent times. Maybe it would be the true deciding factor on who the better player has been this season. Do you agree with DeMarcus Cousins Let us know in the comment sections. For more news on the latest involving the MVP Award, keep it right here at HNHH.

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