April 25, 2024

Gunna Stuns Fans With Weight Loss In New Picture


Gunna is back home but he hasn’t necessarily returned to the limelight just yet. The Atlanta rapper found himself caught up in a RICO case last year as part of the YSL indictment. However, his decision to cop an Alford Plea left the impression that he abandoned and betrayed Young Thug. Rumors floated around that he’s looking to leave the YSL imprint as many artists on the label’s roster have publicly shunned him. Lil GotIt, for example, put Gunna on blast for paying tribute to the late Lil Keed and called for Young Thug’s freedom.

For the most part, it seems as though Gunna’s waiting for the narrative to die down before emerging with new music. Still, every so often, a new photo pops out of the blue, building anticipation for his return to the fold. This week, however, a new picture surfaced that left fans stunned. While Gunna’s been subject to overweight jokes throughout his career, the rapper seemingly lost tons of weight since his release from prison. The transformation is shocking, to say the least.

Gunna’s Back

This isn’t the first time that Gunna’s weight has been at the center of discussion. In June 2022, fans already took notice of his transformation behind bars. Some suggested that it’s due to the overwhelming amount of stress he faced ahead of trial while others felt like he was likely making use of his time by doing workouts. Nonetheless, his latest photo indicates that he’s in great spirits and shape. Still, fans couldn’t help but make comments about his plea deal throughout comment sections and Twitter threads.

Besides the recent photos, Gunna has hinted that he already has new music in the cut. Last month, a new snippet emerged of new music that left fans questioning whether they actually care about street rules. The snippet proved that Gunna hasn’t lost his touched as he detailed “fighting it out” and denied leaving YSL. Shortly after, Bandman Kevo said that he’d be filing a lawsuit against Gunna after paying for a feature that he believes he can no longer use due to the plea deal.


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