June 23, 2024

LaNisha Cole Showers Baby Onyx In Love After Nick Cannon Forgets Her Name In Howard Stern Interview


As hard as Nick Cannon tries to maintain peace among his 12 children and six baby mamas, he obviously can’t always succeed. Earlier this week, the media personality took a huge L during an interview with Howard Stern. At the time, he was facing the challenge of listing the names of all his offspring. While he nearly nailed it, he forgot to include LaNisha Cole’s seven-month-old daughter, Onyx Ice Cole, in his list, earning Cannon significant backlash online, as well as a telling message posted on Instagram from his sixth baby mama. As per Page Six, the Story appeared on the model’s account on Thursday (April 13), giving some insight into her feelings on the situation.

“My whole world…” she previously wrote over an adorable photo of her growing baby in an animal-themed outfit. “The most beautiful little girl. I will do everything I can every single day to make sure she knows how special she is and how much I love and adore her,” Cole publicly pledged. In another slide, this one a much more serious black screen with white text, the 41-year-old reminded others in the online space that living life in the public eye is far from easy.

LaNisha Loves Her Baby Girl

“It’s not normal to have your life play out in front of an audience,” the mother of one began, “but this is the age we live in. That being said… No person’s path is linear. There’s going to be blind curves, peaks, valleys, and sometimes we make wrong turns or run into dead ends.” If this happens to you, Cole suggests that you “simply correct course and get back on your forward-moving path.” While things may look picture-perfect from the outside looking in, LaNisha made it known that she “[prays] every day for strength guidance and peace.”

Her heartfelt message came to an end with, “To all the moms out there, take care of your heart with the same love and patience you have for your babies. It’s not always easy but we were built for this ❤❤❤.” Revisit Nick Cannon’s awkward interview moment with Howard Stern below, and check back later for more pop culture news updates.

Nick Cannon Forgets His Daughter’s Name


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