June 7, 2023

Blueface Shows Off His Feet On Social Media


Blueface just took to social media to show off his incredibly large feet… for some reason. In fact, fans might be surprised to find that the California rap and reality TV star often talked about his size 12s on the ‘Gram. For example, he caught a lot of attention last September for letting his girlfriend Chrisean Rock play with his toes, even getting a little intimate with them. Now, however, his antics are much less explicit, as he just shared a video of himself talking about his feet. Moreover, he talked about having “Crip feet,” getting bunions, and trying to keep his feet clean while being a “big stepper.”

Meanwhile, Blueface and his big feet have to get ready for an upcoming boxing match with TikTok star Ed Matthews. The two have taken a lot of shots at each other on social media after the fight’s announcement, despite the “Thotiana” MC not knowing who Matthews is. As such, many wonder how this even came about, but not a lot of people will complain about a tussle involving Blue, either. That’s especially the case for him, as he already practiced by squaring up with DDG while Swae Lee moderated.

Blueface Explains His Massive Feet

Also, he might be a huge hypocrite for showing his feet online for free. He recently called OnlyFans just another form of prostitution. “I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you having sex on OnlyFans, you are a prostitute,” he expressed. “Any form of sex in exchange for payment is called prostitution. I didn’t make the dictionary, I didn’t make the definition, I didn’t make the word. Don’t be mad at me, baby! I’m just spreading awareness. If you just playing with yourself, that’s kind of just pornography… Only women can be prostitutes. Men can not be prostitutes,” he remarked additionally, calling it a “hell of a double standard.”

Still, Blueface is not opposed to the platform at all. In fact, he launched his own page and encouraged others to do the same on their own terms. ““If you can find a way on OnlyFans without showing your private parts I highly recommend,” he wrote on Instagram. Nothing wrong with showing your private parts on there tho, I ain’t knocking the hustle. S**t my privates is online for free, I’m just not promoting that to my audience none personal.” Regardless of your take on that (or his feet), log back into HNHH for the latest on Blueface.

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