June 7, 2023

London On Da Track’s BM Eboni Disses Shenseea’s New Single “Curious”


The baby mama drama involving star producer London On Da Track continues. After his ex-flame Shenseea got into some beef with Eboni, who alleged that Shenseea’s son got inappropriate with Eboni’s daughter, the former released somewhat of a diss track against her. Of course, London doesn’t exactly have the best reputation as a baby daddy, as Summer Walker also aired out her frustrations with the Memphis-born and Atlanta-raised hitmaker. However, all this drama is playing out in dramatic fashion when it comes to music. Eboni just took to Instagram to diss Shenseea’s new single “Curious.”

“‘Curious’ 2 know what type of cornballs listen to Chinchilla anyways,” she wrote on her Instagram Story, and continued her attacks in various posts. “If you gonna do all that lying 2 use me and promote your lil project at least it could’ve been hard. You wanna keep condoning what happened, playin with me, tryna get you a stream. You music is [trash]. Then I though I told you stay away from mine but she told me your dirty frog mouth was tryin to kiss her the other day.

London On Da Track’s BM Goes Hard At Shenseea

“MF gon’ say she’ll ‘go to jail for her son’ pulling’ his meat out on a baby and asking the baby to smell it,” she continued. “Just to promote some straight boring trash? Yeah you know what time it is and I’ll see you soon. And care less about you sending anymore paperwork and police at me you lil [rat].” With this message, Eboni absolutely blasted Shenseea and doubled down on a lot of her claims, while also going into further detail surrounding their spat. However, London On Da Track himself hopped in the comments section of The Shade Room‘s coverage calling cap on these allegations.

“Fukry gettin old give it up,” the producer wrote. “Won’t be the first lie won’t be the last… get a life n move on with it… NEXT.” To be fair, he might be referring to the media itself, but it’s still quite the complicated web he weaved with all of this. Regardless of your take, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on London On Da Track, Shenseea, and the Eboni baby mama drama.

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