December 6, 2023

DeAndre Hopkins Hints At Prefering Chiefs & Bills As Trade Destinations


DeAndre Hopkins hinted at preferring the Chiefs and Bills as trade destinations during a new interview with CBS Sports’ Bryant McFadden on The Catch. While he didn’t vocalize his opinion, Hopkins displayed his thoughts on the matter with dramatic body language. He also seemed turned off by the idea of playing for either the Patriots or the Jets.

Hopkins also addressed his status in a tweet on Sunday. “Hopkins doesn’t want a raise,” he wrote in one post. The five-time Pro Bowler is set to earn $19.45 million in 2023, and $14.915 million in 2024.

DeAndre Hopkins With The Cardinals

GLENDALE, ARIZONA – DECEMBER 13: Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins #10 of the Arizona Cardinals lines up during the NFL game against the Los Angeles Rams at State Farm Stadium on December 13, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona. The Rams defeated the Cardinals 30-23. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

One team that McFadden didn’t ask Hopkins about joining was the Baltimore Ravens. Reports from earlier this week alleged that Lamar Jackson requested his team go out and acquire Hopkins as well as Odell Beckham Jr. While they successfully signed OBJ, trading for Hopkins may prove more difficult. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler recently revealed on Sportscenter that he believes the Cardinals are seeking a “Christian McCaffrey package” in return for Hopkins.

“[The Baltimore Ravens] have at least looked around at the luxury shopping, high-end wide receiver market, whether it’s Hopkins or like Denver’s Courtland Sutton,” Fowler said. “Uncertain whether they would pull the trigger on that sort of price point right now because it’s very high. But Hopkins, the issue is the compensation. Talking to other teams, they say that Arizona has wanted a second-round pick and more, maybe even as high as like a Christian McCaffrey package. We’re talking second-, third-, fourth-round picks. They will probably have to come off that to deal Hopkins, who has got $19 million in salary due to him. So, you still have teams like the Bills and the Chiefs and big-ticket teams that are at least looking, window shopping at potential options at receiver.” Hopkins’ Cardinals teammate, Budda Baker, also reportedly requested a trade from the organization

DeAndre Hopkins On Being Traded


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