May 30, 2023

Nike KD 15 “What The” Gets Official Images


Kevin Durant snapped this past year when he came through and dropped the Nike KD 15. Overall, this is a shoe that is considered to be one of the best in the line. Moreover, it was certainly a top three signature shoe of the past year. We say this with confidence, which is huge when you consider how many amazing sneakers dropped in 2022 and 2023. Either way, Durant is someone with a lot of pull in the NBA, so consequently, it is no surprise that Nike would try to give him the best signature possible.

Although the Nike KD 16 was recently revealed on Instagram, there is no doubt that the Nike KD 15 is still a priority. New colorways are still being unveiled, and fans are very excited about what is to come. Furthermore, the playoffs started this weekend, and there were plenty of amazing shoes on the court. Subsequently, we should be seeing a whole lot more as the postseason develops. In fact, Nike is now blessing us with a new KD 15 teaser, this time with the iconic “What The” aesthetic.

“What The” Nike KD 15

Nike KD 15
Image via Nike

When it comes to the “What The” sneaker, there is never any rhyme or reason. There are also no set colors that are used. Essentially, the designers are told to go nuts and do as they please. Firstly, it is very evident upon looking at this shoe that we have something flashy at play here. Purples, lilacs, blues, yellows, red, and pinks can be found all throughout this silhouette. Overall, this is a colorway that is impossible to pin down. It is meant to make a statement, and it accomplishes just that.

A colorway on these has yet to be revealed, however, you can expect them to drop soon for a price of $160 USD. Although you may not love them, they would look good in a collection. Let us know your thoughts on this latest Nike KD 15, in the comments section down below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the sneaker world.

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Image via Nike
Nike KD 15
Image via Nike


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