December 6, 2023

Drake’s OVO Teams Up With The NBA For 6-Team Collab


If you are a fan of Drake, then you are aware of his OVO brand. Overall, the full name of the brand is October’s Very Own and it consists of a record label as well as an apparel line. Moreover, the OVO branding has grown to be quite iconic as it consists of a large gold owl. This iconography has stayed with Drake throughout his entire career, and it is not going away soon. It is simply too iconic of a logo to ever give up on. Additionally, it is a logo that has lent itself well to a whole plethora of collaborations.

These collaborations are typically with other well-established brands. Although, OVO is always able to add their signature touch, thus making Drake proud. Now, OVO will be teaming up with an organization that their found is quite close with. Of course, we are talking about the National Basketball Association or NBA for short. In a series of Instagram posts, OVO showcased a new NBA collection that is being teased by James Goldstein.

OVO x NBA Makes Drake Proud

Overall, this collection is beautiful as it will contain varsity jackets, hoodies, and various other forms of apparel. Furthermore, six teams are going to be featured in this collaboration. The teams include the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Memphis Grizzlies, Toronto Raptos, and New York Knicks. So far, only the apparel from the Warriors, Suns, and Lakers has been shown off. However, the pieces all look fantastic, and we’re sure that fans are going to agree. Hopefully, we see the various other pieces, very soon.

As for the release date, it would appear as though these are all going to drop on Friday, April 21st. Moreover, the pieces will be found over at If you love Drake and OVO, while also being a fan of one of the six teams mentioned, these might be the move. Let us know what you think of the collection so far, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for more news and updates from around the streetwear and sports worlds.

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