December 6, 2023

Colin Kaepernick Pays For Deceased Inmate’s Autopsy


Colin Kaepernick is coming to the aid of a family desperately looking for answers. According to TMZ, Kaepernick is paying for the autopsy of LaShawn Thompson. Thompson died in the custody of the Fulton County jail back in 2022. Now Thompson’s family is looking for an answer to Thompson’s death. According to the story, the family believes that the sanitation of the cell holding Thompson is to blame for his tragic passing. However, Thompson’s first autopsy gave undetermined results to his death.

Kaepernick is now paying for a second autopsy to be completed on Thompson. Sources close to Kaepernick claim that he is frustrated and angry with the entire situation. The second autopsy will be completed by an independent source. Thompson was arrested back in 2022 for a misdemeanor simple battery. Photos of Thompson’s cell have been released. For a look at the photos of the cell, check out the post below.

Colin Kaepernick Seeking To Help Frustrated Family

Kaepernick has taken a strong stance on social justice since his days in the NFL. Obviously, Kaepernick hasn’t been seen in the league since taking the action of kneeling during the National Anthem is a form of protest for social justice. Additionally, Kaepernick’s actions caused a whirlwind of news, with people wanting him banned from the league. Although Kaepernick has put on workouts in the past few years for teams. The former Nevada product was last seen in the league back in 2016. However, no franchise has decided to bring in the former San Francisco quarterback.

But it seems now Kaepernick is fighting for things bigger than a chance to play football again. The former QB is looking to help a family find answers in their time of need. Kaepernick has become a polarizing figure over the last few years. Now he is just looking for answers to the true cause of the death of Thompson. Colin Kaepernick has yet to make a public comment on the situation. As for when the second autopsy is supposed to take place, that information is unknown at this time. For the latest breaking news in sports, keep it right here with HNHH.


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