June 3, 2023

Frank Ocean Calls Coachella Performance “Chaotic” After Canceling Second Show


Frank Ocean on a mic

Photo Credit: Josh Brasted/WireImage

Looks like the show won’t go on for Frank Ocean next weekend. On Wednesday (April 19), the Blonde singer-songwriter announced that he’s dropped out of Coachella’s second weekend due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg, per TMZ.

“After suffering an injury to his leg on festival grounds in the week leading up to weekend 1, Frank Ocean was unable to perform the intended show but was still intent on performing, and in 72 hours, the show was reworked out of necessity,” Ocean’s reps said.

They added, “On doctor’s advice, Frank is not able to perform weekend 2 due to two fractures and a sprain in his left leg.”

Ocean also provided a statement, saying, “It was chaotic. There is some beauty in chaos. It isn’t what I intended to show but I did enjoy being out there and I’ll see you soon.”

Replacing Ocean on the main stage is Blink-182, who also performed during the opening weekend of Coachella. The move is perhaps for the best, as Ocean’s long-awaited show faced backlash on social media for long pauses between songs and the vocalist barely singing.

A planned onstage ice rink was allegedly melted before the show, as Ocean, legal name Christopher Breaux, decided to scrap the idea. Dan and Chris Powers, hosts of podcast Empty Nesters, who later discuss the failed appearance, which was slated to include hockey players and figure skaters, all who has rehearsed with Breaux for nearly a month.

“We start to hear rumblings allegedly that Frank has been in an accident that has given him an ankle injury,” Dan said. “So, people are saying, ‘Frank’s not in a good head space’ and they ‘don’t know what’s going on.’ And we’re sitting there, and it is becoming clear that things are not going well with this show.”

During the opening show last Sunday (April 16), Breaux spoke at-length about his deceased brother, Ryan, and promised that new music was on the way.

“It’s been so long. Everybody I’ve talked to has said how long it’s been, so long, so long… but I have missed you,” he said. “I want to talk about why I’m here, because it’s not because of the new album. Not that there’s not a new album, but there’s not right now. It’s not right now.”

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