June 1, 2023

Jonathan Majors: Video Proves My Innocence


Jonathan Majors just keeps getting hit with more bad news. After his arrest for domestic violence, he hasn’t really been able to catch a break. The incident in question took place in March. According to law enforcement, it occurred while Majors and his girlfriend were in a taxi. An argument started when she saw another woman’s message on his phone. Majors reportedly responded with physical aggression when his girlfriend tried to view the messages. Law enforcement was called, and his girlfriend was taken to the hospital with visible injuries. Despite his lawyers sharing messages that they claim will clear him of the allegations, people are distancing themselves from him. Now, more alleged victims are cooperating with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Sources say that multiple individuals who claim to be victims of Majors’ alleged abuse have come forward. If more women are able to provide evidence against Majors, it would be a significant turn in the case. Unfortunately for the actor, this development has resulted in his publicists and management company severing ties with him. Additionally, he was advised by Valentino not to attend the Met Gala. However, Majors and his lawyer may have just provided some evidence that could turn the tables for him.

Majors’ Ex-Girlfriend Reportedly Partied After Alleged Abuse

Jonathan Majors has now claimed that the driver who was present during his alleged domestic incident with his ex-girlfriend will testify that he did not harm her. Supposedly, the driver will also testify that Majors never raised his voice or hit the woman in any way. Majors and his attorney further claim that the driver saw the woman attacking him. Majors had to ask the driver to stop the car so that he could escape her attack. The woman claimed to have suffered injuries during the altercation, including a broken finger and a laceration behind her ear, but Majors and his attorney say they have evidence that refutes these claims.

In this supposed new evidence, the ex-girlfriend who accused him of domestic violence was caught on hours of security videos going out to a club and getting drunk after the alleged attack int he car. She also reportedly sent him text messages accusing him of being unfaithful and threatening to harm herself. In the new filing, Majors and his lawyers included screenshots of the security footage. They show the ex-girlfriend using her supposedly injured hand without any issue. Whether or not the evidence is enough to sway the court or even public opinion remains tone seen. What do you think about the new evidence?


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