May 30, 2023

The Weeknd Teases “Double Fantasy” Video


The Weeknd is making sure that people are aware and excited about his upcoming single with Future, “Double Fantasy.” Moreover, he just took to Instagram to announce the song’s official music video dropping on Friday (April 21) along with the track itself. His tease involved a short clip of presumably the music video on his Instagram page, which gives fans a lot with a little. Furthermore, it features Lily Rose-Depp as the star of their upcoming TV show “The Idol” from HBO. With an accompanying album based on the show on the way from Abel as well, it’s shaping up to be quite the event.

In fact, the entire rollout for this show has been quite the rollercoaster, from beef with Rolling Stone to its provocative and controversially hedonistic subject matter. However, The Weeknd is excited to explore those themes in a compelling way, per his cover story with Interview Magazine. “What drew me to play him was just getting to pretend to be someone else,” the After Hours star said of his on-screen, cult-leader-like character. “It was a challenge, because The Weeknd, obviously, isn’t me. But I drew a lot from myself to create that character. Tedros is nothing like me… Vulnerability is key in the characters you play, no matter how evil they are. If you can find the vulnerability in them, somehow they become likable.”

The Weeknd’s Small Glimpse Into “Double Fantasy” MV

Furthermore, The Weeknd revealed this single to listeners’ ears during his appearance at Metro Boomin’s Coachella set last weekend. Also during his interview with Interview, he spoke on how his work has always carried that somewhat mysterious, controversial aura. “I’ve been judged since the beginning. My stuff’s always kind of been provocative,” Abel Tesfaye remarked. “As an artist, you have to know that you can’t please everybody. You have to accept that it comes with the job.”

In addition, he revealed some of his inspirations for “The Idol,” specifically its accompanying soundtrack and original material. “I’ve been inspired by The Wall and Purple Rain and when Bowie was doing it,” the 33-year-old stated. “But even films like Shaft, the music is literally telling the story of the film. But I want to take it to the next level. I want to challenge myself and I feel like, as a musician, I’m the best I’ve ever been.” Let us know if you’re excited for “The Idol” down below and return to HNHH for the latest on The Weeknd.

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