June 3, 2023

Bad Bunny Returns To Headline Weekend 2 Of Coachella


Bad Bunny returned to Coachella this weekend to headline night one of the final weekend of the festival. The artist performed on a platform on the huge stage, flanked by dancers and surrounded by massive screens displaying a backdrop of a sky full of stars. The performance was also live-streamed on Youtube. It was clearly a huge production, and fans showed their enthusiasm with a constant dull roar of cheering throughout the set. The singer performed all of his hits, including tracks from his latest album, 2022’s Un Verano Sin Ti. Bad Bunny looked enthusiastic about the set, hyping up the crowd at every chance he got. It is unknown if his alleged girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, was in attendance. However, she did make it out to last weeks performance.

For those unfamiliar, Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter who has made a name for himself in the Latin and American music scenes. He is known for his unique blend of reggaeton, trap, and Latin pop. Bad Bunny has become a global phenomenon over the last few years. He first gained popularity with his debut single “Soy Peor” in 2017 and has since released multiple chart-topping albums and collaborated with various artists, including Cardi B, J Balvin, and Drake. Bad Bunny has won multiple awards for his music, including a Grammy Award and Latin Grammy Award, and continues to push boundaries in the music industry with his unique style and artistic vision.

Bad Bunny Brushes Off Harry Styles Drama

Bad Bunny also headlined weekend one of Coachella. While his performance went off without a hitch, there were some technical issues. Additionally, a bit of unexpected drama hit social media after the set ended. Bad Bunny, or rather his team, seems to have started a war with Harry Styles fans. During his performance, the screen behind the singer was displaying various pictures and tweets, many of them from fans. Unfortunately for Bad Bunny, this included one tweet that threw shade at pop star Harry Styles. It read, “Good night, Benito could do ‘As It Was’, but Harry could never do ‘El Apagon’.” Of course, Harry Styles fans took this and ran with is, as they often do, leading to a firestorm.

Bad Bunny and his team responded to the backlash very quickly to explain that it was all a misunderstanding. “Our intention is to create light hearted designs that embody Bad Bunny’s personality and amplify the experience he presents as a performer,” his team said. “The request from the artist during the visuals for ‘El Apagón’ performance was to use the image only and not text from the tweet, which we take responsibility for and correct it for Friday’s performance.” So, as it stands, the inclusion of the tweet was accidental and not something Bad Bunny approved. Did you check out Bad Bunny’s weekend 2 performance? What did you think? Sound off in the comments!

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